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More Changes in ITS Services to Better Serve You!
by Linda Maeno

In an effort to make the best use of the limited physical space available and to more efficiently provide technical support to the UH community, several changes have been made in relation to the ITS Help Desk, ITS Labs, training, and other aspects of support services. Most of these changes have been in place from the beginning of the spring 2002 semester.

The most obvious change is that the ITS Help Desk is no longer in Keller 105. It was determined through usage statistics that most of the support to the UH community was accomplished over the phone as opposed to direct walk-in support. The ITS Help Desk was moved to a smaller room and now operates strictly as a call-in Help Desk. The lengthy phone menu was removed since most callers wanted to talk to a "warm body". Each caller is now connected directly with a Help Desk consultant. In addition to student consultants, several ITS staff rotate in shifts to answer calls to the Help Desk. If the phone lines are busy, callers now have an opportunity to leave a message and to receive a call back. Questions may still be sent to the Help Desk via email to help@hawaii.edu. The ITS Help Desk's Web page is located at http://www.hawaii.edu/help.

Keller 105 has been converted into a lab containing PC and Macintosh systems. This move was made with an eye to the future when this lab, depending on student demand, could be open until midnight, to coincide with when the Keller Lobby closes. It operates similarly to the PC Lab on the second floor. UH faculty, staff, and students with a valid UH ID can sign in to use the PC or Macintosh systems located in the labs. These two locations also serve as walk-in Help Desks. Monitors assist with wireless/wired connection for laptops, perform password resets, and can guide a user through the processing of requesting an ITS username from our ID management Web page. Monitors will call ITS support staff if users need in-depth or highly technical assistance. The third ITS Lab is the CLIC Lab located in Sinclair Library. Visit the ITS Labs Web page at http://www.hawaii.edu/itslab for more information on services.

The Macintosh Lab which used to be located in Keller 204 has been replaced with a much needed ITS Training Room. Since fall 2001, ITS has offered basic training classes on technology-related topics. This semester, most classes are held in the new ITS Training Room. There are PC and Macintosh systems in the room along with an instructor's PC and Macintosh, projector, and overhead screen. For a listing of available training classes, visit the ITS Training Web site. A valid ITS username and password are required to register for classes online.

The ITS Training Room is also available for rent on an as-available basis. Please email Linda Maeno for more information and to make reservations.

A new phone number has been established as a convenient way for the UH community to check the current status of the ITS systems and network. Call 956-6168 any time of the day or night to hear a recorded message. After hearing the status message, either hang up or wait on the line to be transferred to an ITS Help Desk consultant (during work hours) or an ITS systems operator (after hours). The status message is updated periodically throughout the day and as needed in the event of unexpected system or network problems. System and network status as well as other technology-related information can also be found online at http://www.hawaii.edu/technews.

As requested by students, ITS is in the process of implementing a pay-per-print service at the Keller 105 Lab and the PC Lab in Keller 213. Members of the UH community can obtain printouts of their work and deduct the cost from their library copy card. The charge will be 7 cents per page. Those who prefer to provide their own paper, or need to print on special paper, may still bring their own paper to the labs. Plans are to have this service available in April. Based on user response and demand, the pay-per-print service may be added at CLIC at a later date.

Look for more changes in the future as we continue to find better and more efficient ways to meet the needs of the UH community.


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