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No "Strings" Attached
by Carl Yoshioka

You can catch up with your email, work on your online assignments, or find out if the Rainbow Warriors won the big game while relaxing under a tree, on the UH-Manoa Mall. If you have a laptop with a compatible wireless card and a valid ITS username, gone are the days of students having to wait for the library or computer labs to open in order to get online at high speed on campus.

Since our initial wireless network rollout last fall, we have continued to upgrade the campus network, allowing us to further expand our coverage areas on the UH Manoa campus. Coverage around Keller Hall is improved and certain areas in and around Bachman Hall and the Annexes have been added. Also, thanks to other collaborating departments that have installed wireless in their buildings, we now have service in portions of Sinclair Library, a floor in the POST building and soon, in the Gateway Cafeteria. We are currently working on expanding our coverage in other common areas, as well as helping other departments add wireless to their buildings. New technologies are also being evaluated to enhance our authentication and security for this network.

The freedom and flexibility you get from a wireless network is very helpful. However, it is not a substitute for a good, wired network. Other wireless devices using the same frequencies may interfere with your connection/throughput, and being a shared Ethernet, it can serve only a limited number of users at a time well.

Call our Telecommunication Office at 956-6033 if you are interested in adding wireless to your area. We can provide most of the equipment needed through our Telecom Request form, making it easier for departments to quickly bring the Manoa wireless network to their buildings.

For more information regarding the Manoa wireless network, visit the UH Wireless home page.


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