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Unique Identifiers...Distinct Differences
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by Michael Hodges & Naomi Okinaga

Students, Faculty, Staff and others in the UH community are each provided with a personal UH Username. The UH Username along with a password, enables access to email, webmail, the MyUH Portal, and a variety of online administrative services. Regular users of UH email will recognize their UH Username as the first half of their email address;

Your UH Username is permanently assigned to you. In the past when the UH Username was only used as part of an email address, it was reissued to others once the previous holder was no longer included in the UH email system. Since February of 2001 the practice of reassigning UH Usernames was discontinued and the UH Username is now permanently assigned to an individual.

Permanent assignment of the UH Username helps set the stage for an individual to have an enduring relationship with UH. Students, faculty, and staff transition to new relationships with UH, such as Alumni or Ohana. And as new services are developed, your UH Username will continue to be your key to UH Online Services.

More information on UH Username practices may be found at:

Related to the UH Username is the UH Number. Your UH Number is your unique eight-digit identifier. Whether you are a student with Banner records, or faculty/staff with Human Resources records, or you are both a student and faculty/staff, you have a single UH Number. The UH Number allows UH to eliminate the use of a Social Security Number (SSN) as your unique identifier. The UH Number is replacing the SSN in many of our processes and practices as can be seen by the recent changes to UH Identification cards for students, faculty, and staff. The SSN is still used for payroll and other financial transactions where it is required for tax purposes.

If you are a student, faculty or staff member and you do not already have a UH Username, go to:

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