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ITS to Host the 2005 New Media Consortium (NMC) Summer Conference (June 15-18)
by Hae Okimoto

The New Media Consortium (NMC) is an international not-for-profit consortium of nearly 200 leading colleges, universities, and museums dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies. NMC member institutions are found in almost every state in the US, across Canada, and in Europe, Latin America, and Japan.

The consortium, serves as a catalyst for the development of new applications of technology to support learning and creative expression, and sponsors programs and activities designed to stimulate innovation, encourage collaboration, and recognize excellence among its member institutions. Through its many projects, its comprehensive Web site, and its series of international conferences the NMC stimulates dialog and understanding through the exploration of promising ideas, technologies, and applications.

For updates on the 2005 NMC Summer Conference visit:

End of Support for Windows 98 and Windows NT
by Jocelyn Kasamoto

Windows 98/98 SE and Windows NT operating systems have been dropped from Microsoft support and were downgraded to "best effort" support by ITS on December 31, 2004. Windows 98/98 SE and Windows NT workstation 4.x users are strongly advised to either purchase a new replacement computer with Windows XP Pro or upgrade their current operating system to Windows XP Pro. If your computer hardware cannot support this operating system, Windows 2000 Pro would be an acceptable alternative.

For UH Manoa: If you would like your current hardware (less than four years old) assessed for possible upgrade, please call the ITS Help Desk at (808) 956-8883 to schedule an appointment.

Please see "ITS Microcomputer Recommendations" at for recommended hardware configuration for new computer purchases; or call the Help Desk at (808) 956-8883 and ask for a staff member to assist you with a computer recommendation.

For operating system upgrades, the Microsoft minimum is 256MB, but due to more system overhead, 512MB RAM is highly recommended.

Windows NT Server

Users with Windows NT servers are strongly advised to upgrade to Windows 2000 server or the recommended Windows server 2003 as soon as possible. Microsoft will no longer provide security patches for this operating system as of January 1, 2005.

ITS provides Contract Services to manage Windows servers. Please contact Osamu Makiguchi at (808) 956-3877 or email for Contract Services.

For technical assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (808) 956-8883 or email Call toll free from neighbor islands at (800) 558-2669.

Website Makeovers
by Rory Mathers

In June of this year, the UH System Web site ( and the UH Manoa Web site ( went live. The new Web sites bring a fresh look, updated information and new technology to the UH Web presence. The System site, a collaboration between ITS and External Affairs and University Relations (EAUR), was the result of a yearlong redesign effort that included a multi-campus oversight committee, presidential input, and community commentary. The Manoa Web site was developed in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The intent was to produce an up-to-date site that facilitated navigation to the many existing Manoa Web sites. Both sites are built using the popular PHP scripting language to simplify site development and maintenance. Google search functionality was deployed via Google's University Search program (now re-branded as Public Service Search). A new events system delivers a more robust and scaleable calendar solution that supports the sharing of events across multiple calendars. And a new directory search provides access to more current student, faculty and staff information. Both sites have received good community feedback, and the bulk of the commentary has been quite positive. Active development on both sites will continue to enhance the new sites to keep them fresh and current.

Contacts for System Website:
Cheryl Ernst, (EAUR)
Kenwrick Chan, (DLUS)

Contacts for Manoa Website:
Wendy Pearson, (VCAA)
Hae Okimoto, (ITS)

About PHP:

ITS Adds New Computer Lab To Support Network
by Larry Wiss

At the beginning of Fall semester 2004 ITS opened a new computer CLIC Lab on the second floor of Hamilton Library. A generous donation by The Pepsi Bottling Group contributed to the establishment of this new facility. 20 Dell PCs and 10 eMacs were immediately available to UH students, faculty and staff in the new lab. Future plans include the installation of an additional 20 PCs and 10 Macs as funds permit. The CLIC Lab is open during normal library hours. For more information about the ITS Lab facilities on the UH Manoa campus visit the ITS Lab homepage: For the hours of the UH Manoa Library visit:

Music & Video Piracy and Other Copyright Violations
by Jodi Ito

Using peer-to-peer networks to download and share popular songs, movies, or software? Be aware that such activity is illegal if done without the permission of the “copyright owner”.

Each new semester at UH brings a new wave of copyright violation notices from authorized agents who represent copyright owners. These are “cease-and-desist” notices from organizations such as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), Business Software Alliance (BSA), Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, etc. Copyright owners are actively searching for copies of their works that are being illegally distributed through peer-to-peer networks (KaZaa, eDonkey, Gronkster, etc.) and pursuing legal action. These groups routinely file suits against individuals on university campuses around the country whom they allege have illegally shared files.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 requires the University of Hawaii to take immediate action to remove and/or disable access to the infringed-upon copyrighted works after receiving any copyright violation notice. Additionally, the University will fully comply with any legal investigation and participate in the prosecution of members of the UH community who violate the law.

UH Executive Policy E2.210: “Use and Management of Information Technology Resources” can be found at:

And the UH digital copyright policy can be found at:

Legal options for acquiring music are available. These services allow you to purchase music on a per song basis or as a subscription service. Below is a random sampling of a few places where you can buy and download songs. Play it safe and be legal.

Downloadable Online Music Stores:

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