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Outdated Equipment...Swap or Scrap?
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by Larry Wiss

Outdated EquipmentTechnology moves along at a rapid pace and equipment that was once state-of-the-art often requires replacement by new must-have innovations long before it is worn out. So what should you do with has-been dust collector equipment, furniture, or unwanted supplies piling up in your home or office?

Within The UH Community

The online UH Swap Meet connects University departments, State departments or agencies that wish to transfer surplus equipment or supplies that are no longer in use. You can log into the Swap Meet using your UH Username to post information concerning both “Available” or “Wanted” items. Messages received in response to a listing are forwarded directly to the posting department, insuring that names and contact information remain confidential. The Swap Meet is designed only to enable transfer of UH property to other UH/State departments, no personal transactions are allowed. And individual departments must arrange the physical transfer of all materials. Be sure to coordinate any transfers with your Administrative staff to remove equipment from your inventory list. All applicable guidelines and procedures for transferring are accessible through the Swap Meet web site.

In addition to transfer, university guidelines for disposal of obsolete computer equipment also suggest donation or recycling. If no department is interested in surplus equipment there are several local or national organizations that will accept older and even non-working computers or peripherals for placement with schools or nonprofits. Each organization must be contacted directly for specific details and donators are reminded that they must complete UH Form 76 (Disposal Application) before donating.

The aforementioned disposal web site also lists companies who are willing to take any computer equipment for recycling to avoid landfill overuse. UH adheres to strict guidelines for recycling of unwanted equipment; use Form 76 to obtain approval from the UH Inventory Management Section before recycling. The disposal web site also provides helpful information on discarding of old HP printers.

Personal Equipment

While UH does not assist employees with donation or disposal of personal equipment, you can directly contact the public organizations that are listed in the UH web sites to make arrangements on your own. You should not bring any personal equipment on campus for disposal.

So if you're tired of staring at that unused office furniture, printer, monitor, keyboard, fax machine, scanner, VCR, digital camera, cables and wires, even that 8 Track deck check out the UH Swap Meet site today.

Quicklist of UH Disposal or Recycle Web Sites
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