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Web-Based Survey Tool Available Systemwide
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by Linda Mcconnell
SurveyShare color schemes
A sampling of SurveyShare color schemes and templates you can choose from.

ITS has licensed SurveyShare for UH Web-based survey and assessment needs for faculty and staff. SurveyShare is a user-friendly tool for designing and conducting online surveys. One can quickly construct a survey either from scratch or based on a variety of question templates, send email invitations to potential respondents, and analyze responses in text and graphical form.

Dr. Curt Bonk who is a professor of Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University developed the software. SurveyShare works via the Web and requires no special software to be installed on your computer; therefore, it is available to users of Windows, Macintosh, Linux and other operating systems.

The current UH license is a shared resource for the UH community. Faculty and staff can request to have a SurveyShare account for three months, with requests accepted up to one month prior to conducting the survey. If an individual/department needs access for long-term use, they may license it directly from SurveyShare Inc. Due to the three-month access limit per survey, questions should be prepared prior to requesting the account. Depending on the nature of the survey, approval may be needed from the UH Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB ensures UH compliance with Federal regulations that protect the rights of participants involved in research. Information pertaining to what is needed for this approval can be found on the IRB web site.

Verification of survey question development and IRB review will be requested on the UH SurveyShare application form as well as contact information, the length of time the account will be needed, and a short description of the purpose of the survey.

Once approved, the actual process of creating and publishing a survey is rather straightforward:

  1. Log into your account (this information is provided to you in your approval notice
  2. Copy and paste prepared survey questions into a template
  3. Test the survey
  4. Activate the survey
  5. Email survey to potential respondents

SurveyShare users will have access to resources such as preformatted survey question templates, variety of color schemes, graphic backgrounds and other helpful information for getting started. To preview a sample of a few of the question templates available visit the UH SurveyShare web site and select Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from the Site Menu. Technical assistance will be provided by the corporate site, SurveyShare Inc., with a 24-hour support help link available in the account.

This online assessment tool offers a variety of methods for an unlimited amount of participants to access your survey; public surveys allow for anyone with an email address to participate; private surveys require respondents to access the survey via a specific email address; and unsecured surveys are completely open for those using a unique password.

Since SurveyShare maintains all submitted information in its account, the owner can access participant data immediately. Additional statistical analysis can be done by downloading the data for importing into a spreadsheet application or viewed in a graphical representation such as charts and graphs.

If you have questions about SurveyShare, requesting an account, or licensing your own copy please send an email to
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