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Inside the Help Desk:
Understanding Departmental UH Usernames

by Mitchell Ochi
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The ITS Help Desk provides assistance for faculty, staff, and students of the University with various problems. A number of questions that the Help Desk has received are specific to a particular user's circumstances, but we have also seen a few recurring topics. With that in mind, we wanted to share a question and answer that hits on a topic of common interest:

Q: What is a Departmental/Organizational UH Username? How does this differ from my personal UH Username?

A: There are two distinct types of usernames that are assigned to users, a Personal UH Username or a Departmental/ Organizational UH Username.

Personal UH Username

All faculty, staff, and students of UH are eligible to obtain a Personal UH Username, which provides an email account, personal Web space (<yourusername>), and access to numerous services and web sites, such as:

Personal UH Usernames are tied directly to a faculty, staff, or student's respective record in the UH Identity Management System. Management of a personal UH Username and many related services can be done on the Web at the Account Management web site (

Departmental/Organizational UH Username

Many UH departments or organizations have a need to setup dedicated email accounts for business-related electronic communication. Generally, several different individuals within the department or organization need access to this communication, and this makes it impractical to have that communication tied to one individual's personal email account. Therefore, a department can request a Departmental UH Username, which can then be advertised as a single point of contact for the department's electronic communication.

To request a Departmental UH Username, a faculty or staff member of the department would need to fill out the Departmental UH Username Request Form and submit the completed form to the ITS Help Desk. Students cannot be the owner/requestor of a Departmental UH Username since they generally have a short-term affiliation with a department.

Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs) can request Organizational UH Usernames for similar use as Departmental UH Usernames. The Organizational UH Username Request Form is also available on the Web. Note however, that the Organizational UH Username Request Form requires the Campus RIO Approver to sign it as well, in order to properly verify the organization's status as an RIO. The signature of a faculty advisor is also requested on this form, if applicable to the RIO.

Features of the Departmental/Organizational Username                                              
  • Provides the respective department or RIO with an email account and Web space, though with a URL similar to the Personal UH Username Web space (that is,<deptusername>)                  
  • Management for Departmental or Organizational UH Usernames can be done through the Account Management web site, which is the same site where a Personal UH Username is managed.                          
  • Unlike Personal UH Usernames, Departmental or Organizational UH Usernames do not allow for a user to authenticate to any application or service that uses UH's LDAP server as the authentication source.                      
Forgotten Passwords

Procedures for a password reset are another notable difference between the Personal and Departmental/Organizational UH Usernames. The password for both types of UH Usernames can be changed by logging into the Account Management web site and going to the Change Password link. This only applies, however, if the password for the UH Username is available. Should a person forget the password for their respective Personal UH Username, they would have two options to get the password reset:

  • Go to MyUH and click on the Forgot my password link, or go to the Account Management web site and click on the Forgot your password link, fill out all of the requested information, and then answer the two secret questions setup for the Personal UH Username, and choose a new password; or
  • Go to the appropriate Campus Representative with proper photo identification and have the Campus Representative reset the password.

If a person forgets the password for their Departmental/Organizational UH Username, a Departmental UH Username Request form (or Organizational UH Username Request form) will need to be filled out completely, noting that an Update is needed and with the reason for request stating that a password reset is necessary for the Departmental/Organizational UH Username.

With the growing number of services being tied to the Personal UH Username, it is becoming increasingly important to understand exactly what are the differences between personal UH Usernames and Departmental/Organizational UH Usernames. This understanding will prevent any inaccurately set expectations about services a department or RIO may want to access through a shared mechanism.

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