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Web Conferencing Simplified via "Halawai"
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by Linda Mcconnell

Screen shot of Halawai LoginHalawai, Hawaiian for "meeting" is the new synchronous web conferencing tool licensed by ITS (Information Technology Services) for the University of Hawaii system to conduct administrative meetings and other small group collaborations directly from one's own computer desktop. Faculty/staff can also choose to incorporate this tool as an enhancement to a face-to-face and/or web-based course.


Halawai, the ITS implementation of Adobe Connect, has 3 user roles: Host, Presenter, and Participant. In general hosts and presenters schedule and/or lead a meeting, upload and share content. Participants view presented content, use text chat, hear and see presenters. Halawai, also enables hosts and presenters, and participants with proper permissions, to share their computer screens, software applications and broadcast live video and audio.

Screen shot of Halawai meeting room user interface

Meeting hosts and presenters can choose to record their meeting for those who are not able to attend at the pre-scheduled time. These recorded meetings preserve all interaction and allow access to files or materials shared during the real time conference.

UH faculty and staff who would like to schedule a meeting or just test Halawai’s interactive and collaborative tools can log in and submit a self-scheduling request form using their UH username and password at The request form asks for information about the meeting, such as session title and description, host and presenter information, date and time, as well as total number and UH usernames of participants. If the meeting is part of a face-to-face or web based course faculty have the option to link the session with the course reference number or CRN. By choosing this option the meeting will be automatically populated with registered student participants without having to input each username.

If participants do not have a UH username, do not enter first/last name or email address information in the Participant portion of the scheduling form. Just use the pull down menu and select the "total number of participants", which would include non-UH participants or guests.

Our pilot trial of the Adobe Connect license supports 40 concurrent users, so the total number of ALL meeting participants (including Host and/or any other Presenter) must not exceed 40. To help confirm that your meeting will not go over this limit the scheduling form includes a direct link to the Halawai calendar, click on the icon that looks like a calendar for access. The calendar will indicate all pre-scheduled meetings along with the total number of users who are participating at any given time. Use this information to enter your meeting start and end times within the schedule form.

Screen shot of Halawai Request & Calendar page

Upon submission of the meeting request, a confirmation email is automatically sent to your email address. A second email is also sent containing specific participant log in, and meeting information. You will need to forward this email message to all meeting participants so they will know that they have been invited to a Halawai meeting. The meeting will only become available for everyone to log in at the requested date and time.

Participants who have a UH username can log in to any of their scheduled meetings in the log in section of the Halawai website using their UH username and associated password. Participants without a UH username would access the meeting by clicking on the web address provided in the email forwarded to them by their meeting host or presenter.

Once logged into a scheduled meeting, hosts and presenters can chat or share files with participants, provide access to their computer desktop or a software application, such as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. With a microphone and/or camera connected to a computer participants can see and hear presenters. Hosts and/or Presenters with the correct permissions can also allow participants to broadcast as well.

If a host or presenter chooses to record a meeting, participants can view the recording by logging into Halawai and selecting the link for "Recorded Meetings". Recordings will only be kept for one semester.

Screen shot of Halawai meetings list

UH faculty and staff interested in learning more about Halawai can visit the Halawai website and schedule a meeting, log into previously scheduled sessions, or review Halawai based Tutorials and FAQ's.

If you have questions, concerns or need additional information about using Halawai you can contact Halawai support by sending an email to

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