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Website Hosting at UH
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by Osamu Makiguchi

Information Technology Services (ITS) recently combined our two website hosting options into one. ITS used to offer an HTML only website hosting option and a PHP enabled website hosting option. Beginning March 2008 ITS will offer the PHP enabled website hosting option for all website hosting requests. This service is free to UH departments and Registered Independent Organizations for campuses that ITS currently hosts below. 

ITS currently provides web hosting services for UH System offices, UH Manoa, Kauai Community College, Maui Community College, and Hawaii Community College. All other campuses should check with their campus IT department for web hosting services. More information can be found at the UH Hosted Website Service page. A number of improvements have been made and initiatives are underway.

Keyword Search Feature on System and Manoa Websites

ITS has developed a keyword search feature for UH System and UH Manoa departments that allows offices to submit keywords relating to their department and tie the keywords to their homepage for conspicuous display on the system and Manoa search results listings.

If users input their keyword(s) into the system or Manoa search box your department’s homepage address will be displayed at the top of the search results listing before all search results allowing your users to find your homepage more efficiently.

To submit keywords, you must be a UH faculty or staff with a UH Username. System offices should submit their keywords through the UH System search page using the “Improve Your Department’s Search Result Placement” link. Manoa offices should submit their keywords through UH Manoa’s search page. All keyword submission requests will be reviewed by either External Affairs & University Relations (for System offices) and the Manoa Chancellor’s Office for UH Manoa submissions.

Web Content Management Systems
Content Management Systems (CMS) provide non-technical users the ability to update their websites without programming knowledge. ITS is currently exploring Plone as a free CMS option for UH departments.  More information on Plone can be found at the Plone website.

Why Can’t I Have a UH System Address?

In an effort to properly differentiate UH System websites from campus websites, External Affairs & University Relations (EAUR) will be limiting web space on the UH System site to system offices or multi-campus programs. Therefore, campus offices and programs should request web space on their campus web servers. Non-system offices and programs that already have space on the system site will be allowed to keep their addresses, but are encouraged to move their site to the appropriate campus web server to strengthen campus identity and brand.

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