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New Faces in IT at UH Hilo
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by Naomi Okinaga

As the application of Information Technology (IT) continues to expand within the UH community so does the need for talented staff. In this edition of InfobITS we're introducing two of the new faces working for University of Hawaii at Hilo; IT Specialists Roseanne Fallin and Daniel Olson.

Roseanne Fallin is a relatively new IT Specialist at UH Hilo. She's been employed there for six months working as a Web Developer under the direction of Sunny Walker. She interfaces with UH Hilo's Administrative Affairs offices, which include Human Resources, Auxiliary Services, and Facilities Planning and Construction; and works on various projects to improve their productivity with online tools. As the need for more web based information and services increase, her skills will definitely be an added plus to UH Hilo's website.

Originally from San Jose, California, Roseanne received her BA in Applied Mathematics from UC San Diego in 1998. She grew up in a family of four children – three boys and one girl, together with her mother and father. Currently she lives with her husband, three dogs and two cats and keeps fit doing yoga or gardening with her husband.

Her interest in IT peaked after graduating from college and spending time job searching on the Internet. She says this stimulated her interest in the Internet and she wanted to know how it all worked. "I was intrigued with all the information readily available at that time, and I wanted to understand this emerging technology. Fortunately there were several job openings in the industry so it was easy to move in that direction." Roseanne started as a data entry person for a business while taking Web Development classes after college, then worked as a Web Developer for Saint Mary's College of California for five years; she  eventually moved her way up to Web Producer, managing the web team and leading the website's redesign project for the last year she was with Saint Mary's.

Her main job responsibility at UH Hilo is to support Administrative Affairs by building online tools to enhance productivity and provide assistance in their web presence. The first project she worked on was with the Business Office, continuing a project to build an online application for their Accounts Receivable documentation. (The Business Office is now able to track outstanding balances from past students prior to 2003.) One of her current projects is working on a new system with Auxiliary Services that will allow them to take inventory of UHH's buildings and rooms. This would provide them the ability to monitor space usage and all items built into each room.

She states, "I think the biggest issue people are facing with IT is security. With so much ever-changing technology, it's easy to get caught up and forget that you still have the responsibility of securing your identity and privacy." We couldn't agree more...

Daniel OlsonHired as an IT Specialist in January 2007, Daniel Olson currently lists his two main responsibilities as the Academic Computing labs and classrooms, as well as Help Desk requests for faculty and staff.  He also shares responsibility with his supervisor, Norm Dionee, for maintaining Academic Computing's 12 servers and 500+ desktop computers located throughout campus. These systems are primarily used by students as well as faculty and staff when they need a computerized classroom.

From upgrading all the lab computers' Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Players automatically using a pair of Group Policies, to upgrading memory in the lab computers for increasing their speed, he has made a difference in the Academic Computer labs and classrooms. He has also worked with the Human Resources (HR) to research and purchase a network storage solution, listing this as one of his favorite projects.

Daniel comes from University Place, Washington where he grew up with three brothers, one sister, mom, dad and two grandfathers. He graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Technology. He's expanded his IT knowledge with training at Computer Technology Industry Association for A+, Network+, and Security+; and also completed the MS Certified Professional for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

His interest started early when he used a Mac Plus and Apple Lisa in the 80's, then progressed to a Pentium 120 MHz computer a few years later. While in college he worked with the then new Pentium 233 MHz computer. During college he lived on a dorm floor full of Computer Science and Electrical Engineer majors, so he had many people to learn from. He worked at Seattle Pacific University for four years as a Computer Services Manager at the Student Financial Services Department - providing support for the Banner software of their department and also maintaining departmental websites.

Extra-curricular activities include fishing with family and friends, scuba diving, playing basketball, reading IT books and magazines at Starbucks, and working out at BJ Penn's Fitness Center.

His supervisor, Norm Dionne says of Daniel: he has a lot of energy and works hard. "I remember being his age, and full speed ahead."  Daniel’s is a new position for the Academic Computing Services so has brought some welcome additional staffing for UHH’s growing IT needs. As Norm points out, it’s made a difference in devoting more time to the library labs, having the labs look more professional (e.g. with wires up and away, new liquid crystal displays) - all adding up to presenting a quality and professional looking environment for the UH Hilo community. People feel better, especially when their working environment looks better. 

InfobITS is always looking to spotlight IT Specialists throughout the UH system. If you have any IT employees at your campus to suggest for focus in future editions please send the information to the newsletter Editor. Mahalo!
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