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Server Management Information Site
by Therese Nakadomari

In an environment where IT specialist duties increase exponentially, and the time available to accomplish these duties decreases just as fast, ITS introduces a new Web site to provide some relief to those who administer departmental servers. The ITS Server Management Information Service (SMIS) Web site provides information about server operating systems including security, operating system vulnerabilities, and basic server information. The Web site also has a database of security bulletins for a number of server operating systems. With only the most important and relevant information posted at this site, server administrators will no longer have to read through huge volumes of information to weed out what applies to their server.

The Server Management Information Site was announced at the ITS Brown Bag session in October 2001 with the intent of creating a supportive community for IT specialists who are responsible for departmental servers. Interested IT specialists may also subscribe to an e-mail discussion list.

A restricted area will be used in the future for services such as message boards and information reserved for UH only. If you would like to contribute additional information for the Web site, or if you have suggestions for additional topics, please contact Therese Nakadomari.

All server administrators are encouraged to complete a short survey about their departmental servers. Information being collected includes the type of operating system you are running, the IP address of the server, contact information, etc. In light of the September 18 Nimda worm attack which brought the UH Network to a virtual standstill, it is advantageous to ITS as well as UH departments for this information to be collected. This type of information is critical to help ITS resolve problems as quickly as possible, as well as to be able to provide information to server administrator in the event of another attack. The information collected is confidential and will not be shared outside of ITS.

Check out the new Web site at www.hawaii.edu/servermgmt.

ITS Offers Training Classes for UH Faculty and Staff
by Linda Maeno

ITS is offering basic training classes to UH faculty and staff to empower them to use technology in their work. The first round of training classes was offered during the fall 2001 semester. Short classes on Microsoft applications, Web page design considerations, security, and more were offered. A new schedule is being developed for spring 2002. Suggestions for class topics are welcome and may be submitted from the ITS Training Web site at www.hawaii.edu/training. When available, the schedule of classes will be posted at the ITS Training Web site. UH faculty and staff with a valid ITS username and password may register for classes online.

uhunix3 and uhunix5 Retired
by Michael Hodges

Due to a consolidation of hardware, uhunix3.its.hawaii.edu and uhunix5.its.hawaii.edu have been retired. Internet connections, such as Telnet and FTP, to uhunix3.its.hawaii.edu are automatically forwarded to uhunix4.its.hawaii.edu. Connections to uhunix5.its.hawaii.edu are forwarded to uhunix2.its.hawaii.edu. Since uhunix2 is an Enterprise class server, there is no decrease in the number of concurrent connections to the UNIX systems and also no decrease in computing power.

This change will be transparent to most users. However, for certain applications, e.g. SSH (secure shell) or QVT-Term, that either use the IP address associated with uhunix3 or uhunix5, or keep a 'hosts' file of IP addresses with hostnames, there may be instances of "timed out" sessions. If this occurs, be sure to connect directly to uhunix1.its.hawaii.edu or uhunix2.its.hawaii.edu.

Note: as of this writing, plans are to retire uhunix4 in December 2001. Once uhunix4 is retired, connections to uhunix3, uhunix4, and uhunix5 will be automatically forwarded to uhunix2.

Specify mail.hawaii.edu as Your SMTP Server
by Michael Hodges

If you administer a departmental e-mail server, especially Mercury MTA, please double-check your configuration to ensure that there are no hard-coded IP references to any of the older UH mail servers. The correct UH SMTP server to reference is mail.hawaii.edu with IP If mail.hawaii.edu is not specified, your e-mail server will have problems resolving e-mail addresses of the form first.lastname@hawaii.edu. Please check your configuration and make any necessary changes as soon as possible.

UNIX Anti-virus Scanner Response Escalated to 'Suppress'
by Michael Hodges

The Sophos anti-virus scanner running on our UNIX e-mail servers detects viruses at the server level and removes them before they can reach client PC or Macintosh systems. Due to a very high number of infected e-mail messages, the anti-virus response has been escalated from 'cleanse' to 'suppress'. Cleansed messages are delivered to the recipient with a note that the attachment has been removed. Suppressed messages are not delivered. This action is required in order to ensure the integrity of UH e-mail services.

The increase in volume began in the summer of 2001 with the W32.Sircam worm as it compromised systems across various campuses. Users reported receiving dozens, sometimes thousands, of cleansed e-mail messages due to Sircam. The situation is being monitored and the anti-virus response will revert back to 'cleanse' once the number of incidents decrease.

Unclaimed 9-Track User Tapes to be Discarded 12/31/01
by Darrel Enoki

Over the decades, departments, colleges, and individuals have registered 9-track magnetic reel (round) tapes at ITS Keller (formerly the UH Computing Center). Tapes are submitted at the Operations Counter in the Keller lobby for use on the IBM mainframe and UNIX systems. On a weekly basis, these tapes are relocated to the public tape rack in the lobby area for owners to retrieve them. Unfortunately, not all owners pick up their tapes. As a result, we now have an accumulation of old tapes filling up the rack.

We are asking everyone who has tape(s) on this public rack in the lobby of Keller Hall at UH Manoa, to please pick them up by December 31, 2001. After that date, tapes left on the rack will be removed and discarded.

9-track magnetic reel tapes are yesteryear's technology. Maintenance of our reel tape drives is expensive and the use is very low. We encourage everyone to use/convert to magnetic tape cartridges. Blank cartridges are available free of charge at the Operations Counter in the Keller lobby. Eventually, the reel tape drives will be retired and we will be unable to read reel tapes anymore.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Darrel Enoki.

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