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Secure your Web Transactions with VeriSign Server ID
by Naomi Okinaga

With the advent of e-commerce and the increase in number of confidential transactions being performed over the Web, stringent controls are needed to ensure safe and secure communications. Many visitors to your Web site will refuse to submit any personal information to you unless they can be assured it will be transmitted, handled, and stored securely. One step server administrators can take towards reliable and trustworthy communication is to implement a VeriSign Server ID on your departmental Web server. It would be especially beneficial to invest in a Server ID if transactions involving confidential/sensitive information such as credit card payments, social security numbers, grades, medical information, or other student information are transmitted over your Web server.

ITS has recently signed a contract with VeriSign Inc. and is offering 128-bit VeriSign SSL Global Server IDs (also called a digital certificate) for departmental servers. VeriSign Inc.is one of the leading providers of trust services for electronic commerce and communication. By installing a VeriSign Server ID on your Web server, the customer is assured that their information is being passed over a secure encrypted connection and that they are dealing with a trusted source.

VeriSign Server IDs work in conjunction with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which is an industry-standard protocol for secure, Web-based communications. Some of the supported servers include:

  • Apache Freeware
  • IBM
  • Lotus
  • Netscape
  • Microsoft

For details on VeriSign's 128-bit Global ID certificate, please visit VeriSign's FAQ page and refer to the section on "How VeriSign 128-bit SSL Global Server IDs Work."

The cost for each certificate is $660 per year and is valid for one year from the date of purchase. Your department will save approximately $235 per year, per server by obtaining the certificate through ITS. We are also offering two-year certificates available for $1320 starting November 15, 2001. To purchase the VeriSign digital certificate though our ITS Site License Office, visit www.hawaii.edu/sitelic/verisign/verisign.html.


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