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Human Resources Data Warehouse
by Vernon Ching

Easy access to administrative data by University Offices and departmental personnel has always been a critical and sometimes elusive goal for the University. With the implementation of the Human Resources (HR) Data Warehouse in 1996, the University took an important step in addressing the needs of our users. The Data Warehouse is an extensive database which contains personnel information on employees across the UH system. With proper software and authorization, the Office of Human Resources, the Community College Chancellor's Office, and personnel officers at community colleges and UH departments have access to information in this database.

The Data Warehouse contains personnel data extracted from the PeopleSoft Human Resources System and the State Department of Human Resources Department (DHRD). Employee data for BOR appointees is extracted from the PeopleSoft System and loaded into the Data Warehouse every night and reflects the last action for the employee. Civil service employee data is loaded on a monthly basis using an extract file from DHRD. Also, every quarter the employee data is saved onto a historical file dating back to 1994.

Reports are easy to generate and information can be formatted, grouped, and sorted according to specific needs. Reports can list employees in a department, headcount or summary information, salary projections, and much more. The results can be displayed online, printed, or downloaded to the user's PC in various formats (i.e. Excel, Lotus, HTML, text). The Data Warehouse is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week except for system backups and maintenance. Personnel officers can now respond promptly to ad hoc requests from University administrators.

The original implementation of the HR Data Warehouse resided on the IBM mainframe. Response time was slow since those querying the Data Warehouse had to compete for computer resources with users of other administrative systems. The Data Warehouse was recently migrated to a Sun system using the Oracle database. Reports can now be generated in seconds.

To access the HR Data Warehouse, a software package called Brio Query needs to be installed on the user's PC. Brio Query is very easy to use, and requires no knowledge of computer programming. Installation and training is provided by ITS and usually takes about two hours. The cost for this software is $1000 with a recurring $150 annual maintenance fee.

For more information, contact Vernon Ching of ITS Management Information Systems at 956-8931.


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