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Secure Information Destruction

TOPICS: Hardware, mobile devices, media, paper, electronic files, concerns on deleting cloud files, deleting Social Networking, eWaste, remote wipe

Week one is focused on recommendations for securely destructing information from a wide variety of devices for example; computers, printers, smart phones, flash drives, external hard drives, and iPads. Secure destruction of paper documents will also be covered.

There are many security best practices that are designed to minimize security risk when accessing and storing information, but not as much attention is given to data destruction. Therefore, the presentation will include guidelines for securely deleting data, policy and law requirements, and tools available for data destruction.

The University of Hawaii will be facilitating eWaste Disposal Days in October. eWaste Disposal Days provides an opportunity to dispose of computers and other electronics. The event will be held on October 25 - 27, so it is important to ensure all data is irreversibly destroyed before disposal.

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