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ISP Policy for

The following information is provided to help users of Information Technology Services (ITS) systems understand some of the precautions that must be taken to ensure data integrity on its departmental login server,

The Information Technology Services host,, has been restricted to secure logins and file transfers (SFTP) by authorized users only. Precautions have also been taken to maximize security to guard against network attacks by hackers. One effective way to guard against logins by unwanted visitors is to restrict access to the host to specific machines or subdomains (e.g.,,, etc.). ITS has implemented this approach.

It is understood that many authorized users will access from non-UH hosts via off-campus Internet Service Providers (ISPs, e.g., Hawaii Online, LavaNet, etc.), so many of these ISPs have been added to a list of allowable subdomains. If you're having problems connecting to, please contact to verify that your ISP is on the allowed list.

In circumstances where there is suspicious activity (e.g., attempted break-ins or unauthorized changes to data) from a user with an account on an ISP, ITS reserves the right to prohibit further access to via that ISP. ITS will file a report with the ISP stating the nature of the problem. Access will remain restricted until a resolution is reached. If the ISP does not act upon the report, or appears unwilling to assist in the investigation, access will continue to be restricted. It will then be the responsibility of the ISP's customer base to initiate further communication and resolution of the conflict.