How to Apply
There are 3 steps process to apply for UH hosted website services.

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1: Contact Information

2: Website Action Plan (pdf)

You can preview the "Website Action Plan" and "Service Level Agreement" by clicking the link above.

  1. What is the official campus homepage naming convention?
  2. What if I want a domain name on the UH network?
  3. May I request a system level domain name (

Executive Sponsor
The website executive sponsor authorizes the creation and continued existence of a website. Sponsors are generally faculty or staff responsible for running departments, staff offices, and/or projects.

For hosted websites service the executive sponsor would be the department chair. From staff offices the senior office administrator would be the executive sponsor. For specific programs and projects the principle investigator would be the executive sponsor.

Executive sponsors will be contacted as often as yearly to confirm that the website continues to be officially authorized.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)
The SLA services as an agreement that documents the level of service to be provided by ITS as well as documenting the intention of the sponsor to provide adequate resources to ensure that the service is adequately supported.

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