APEC on higher education

Three people talking over coffee

Conference delegates, from left, Zhou Nanzhao, of East China Normal University; Antony Stella,of Australia’s Asia-Pacific Quality Network; and Molly N.N. Lee, UNESCO Bangkok

About a hundred leaders from government agencies, educational institutions and international organizations gathered in Honolulu for a three day Asia Pacific Economics Cooperation conference on higher education quality co-hosted by the University of Hawaiʻi Aug. 4–6.

About 40 delegates presented papers identifying best practices in higher education. Presentations focused on four themes—

  • Defining quality and quality assurance and identifying compelling and dominant models
  • Examining the controversial issue of rankings and clarifying the role of rankings within quality assurance
  • Sharing regional and country examples of what works well (particularly in achieving access and equity), identifying why and exploring how to scale them up
  • Creating de facto standards of excellence for creating global universities

Visit the conference website for more information.