Strategic Directions for International Engagement 2010–2020

The ten campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi System shall embark on a decade-long campaign to make the University of Hawaiʻi a preeminent center of international learning. Campuses should enhance, intensify, expand and diversify their international activities. Each campus should develop plans for international engagement—plans that are creative and flexible in leveraging comparative advantages, and resourceful in realizing the economies and efficiencies that derive from being part of a single higher educational system.

In developing their plans campuses should share information widely throughout the system and take into account the following guidelines:

  • Expand international engagement to Southeast and South Asia and beyond while maintaining our geographic areas of strength.
  • Increase international enrollment within nonresident enrollment ceilings.
  • Provide University of Hawaiʻi students and faculty with opportunities for international engagement.
  • Play an active role in Asia-Pacific organizations, both public and private.
  • Partner with Hawaiʻi-based institutions and communities with international ties to bring their expertise to the University of Hawaiʻi and to support shared goals.
  • Broaden and strengthen ties, exchanges, and collaboration with other indigenous-serving institutions worldwide.
  • Optimize University resources by collaborating in international marketing and recruitment.
  • Offer short-term and certificate educational programs geared for international audiences (training, distance learning, technical assistance, and research grants) through new and existing international partnerships and based on campus strengths.
  • Deepen and expand the successful collaboration with the East-West Center.
  • Work with the UH Foundation to develop a supportive and active international alumni and donor network to catalyze philanthropic funding and support.