Assessment of International Engagement

The University of Hawaiʻi System shall create an office to work collaboratively with the campuses to achieve the goals set forth in this mission statement. It shall develop methods of coordinating, facilitating, and periodically assessing international engagement among the campuses to improve resources allocation, to avoid duplication and to encourage innovation and best practices, while affording the campuses autonomy within the framework of the University of Hawaiʻi’s international mission.

Each campus shall:

  • Create and develop its own mission statement and business model on international engagement.
  • Periodically assess and communicate its strategic direction, benchmarks and outcomes, business plan and initiatives.

The System shall:

  • Periodically convene representatives from each campus to effectuate collaborative campus strategies, to share best practices, to build on the strengths of each campus and to optimize the University’s resources.
  • Determine what initiatives (e.g., marketing, public relations), if any, should be adopted at the system level and communicate periodically with the campuses regarding these initiatives.