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Story leads for APEC media

The 2011 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Hawaiʻi Host Committee has identified four pillars of excellence to showcase the Aloha State to the estimated 20,000 attendees—renewable energy; health and life sciences; ocean, earth and sky sciences; and meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. These areas of opportunity for APEC investments highlight Hawaiʻi’s expertise and innovation. The University of Hawaiʻi is at the forefront in these areas in research advancements, faculty expertise and international collaboration.

Renewable Energy and Sustainability

wind turbines in field

The most remote archipelago in the world and one of the most petroleum-dependent states in the nation, Hawaiʻi can tap available natural resources——wind, sun, ocean and volcanoes. So University of Hawaiʻi researchers are working to develop and implement renewable energy technologies and sustainability practices, that can serve as a guide for the United States and Asia Pacific region.

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Health and Life Sciences

woman with laboratory flask

Advanced medical research and technology in Hawaiʻi is facilitating breakthroughs in both the understanding of the human body and the development of high quality healthcare. University of Hawaiʻi scientists are conducting cutting edge research and making groundbreaking discoveries every day that help to improve the health and well-being of Hawaiʻi’s citizens and our global society.

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Ocean, Earth and Sky Sciences

telescope observaotry above clouds

With clear mountain summits, accessible reefs and deep ocean waters, active volcanoes and unique flora and fauna, Hawaiʻi provides ideal natural laboratories and boundless opportunities for discovery. University of Hawaiʻi, students and faculty use the world’s most advanced land-based astronomical observatories, a fleet of ocean-going research vessels and submersibles and a broad array of scientific equipment. UH researchers are among the most respected and renowned in ocean, earth and sky sciences disciplines.

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Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions

diamond head with sailboat in foreground

Hawaiʻi’s $11 billion tourism industry attracts about 7 million visitors a year. Government, community and the private sector work as one to keep leisure and business travel sectors vibrant, modern and ahead of the competition. Internationally recognized UH academic and training programs in travel and tourism management, hospitality and culinary education provide the workforce to sustain Hawaiʻi’s leading industry.

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International Connections

dancer in okinawan costume

Hawaiʻi is a wonderful microcosm—the nation’s most diverse state and a perfect mirror of the populations of the Asia-Pacific region. University of Hawaiʻi academic programs and Asian area studies centers rank among the best in the United States. UH campuses partner with research and educational organizations all over the world, providing scholars with unparalleled opportunities for networking, collaboration and exchange.

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