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Advanced Networking at the University of Hawaii

The University Of Hawaii is continuously forging new partnerships to bring the benefits of Next-Generation Networks to the State Of Hawaii, as well as providing a crossroads for trans-pacific research and education Internet.

As a result of our partnership with AARNET Australia, we are part of AARNET's SX-Transport Project, which is currently providing 9.6 Gigabit-per-second paths from Hawaii to Sydney and from Hawaii to Seattle. The currently active portions of SX-Transport are on the North Route of the Southern Cross Cable Network's trans-pacific ring, and further plans to bring up the South Route with the Hawaii landing on the Big Island Of Hawaii. The second leg will bring Gigabit links to astronomers at Mauna Kea Observatories for the first time ever, more than a 20-fold increase over the current speed of 45 Mbps.

As a member of both the Pacific Northwest GigaPoP and UCAID Internet2, U. Hawaii has fast, reliable access to resources in the Americas, Europe, and Africa, using not only the Internet Protocol Version 4 (plain old IP), but also IP version 6, and IP multicast.

Working with the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) UH has built a direct STM-1 link to APAN Tokyo, exchangingting an optimal route to bring researchers in Hawaii and their colleagues throughout Asia closer together. AARNET and APAN have recently forged a new link between Japan and Australia, ending 4 years during which traffic between APAN and AARNET passed through U. Hawaii.

UH Distance Learning, particularly the newest generation of the Hawaii Interactive Television System (HITS) are using cutting edge technology to bring students and instructors together. HITS Sites intercommunicate with MPEG2 video over IP multicast, using a system that was built and integrated by University of Hawaii ITS.

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