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Techs In Paradise: The Second Sequel

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Planning is underway for the third Techs In Paradise, a gathering of advanced networkers from around the world, to be held in early 2008 at the Hawaii Imin International Conference Center, and hosted by the University Of Hawaii.

The program for Techs In Paradise will include the Winter 2008 Internet2 Joint Techs Workshop, as well as other gatherings.

Although TIP2008 is in the very early planning stages, you can still view the agenda from the last Techs In Paradise meeting here. For the most part, attendence of TIP2008 meetings will be limited to members of the participating organizations.

Although TIP2008 will not include an exposition or commercial displays, there will be opportunities to assist, donate or lend equipment, etc. If your company would like to contribute something that's needed and cast a very favorable light on your company name in front of several hundred advanced networkers from around the world, then contact:, +1 808 956-3501.

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