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Teaching International Relations 
Richard W. Chadwick

Political Science Department
University of Hawaii, 

As of now, it's been almost a decade since I undertook the process of continuous improvement which W. Edwards Deming recommended in a seminar I had the privilege of attending in 1991, and almost eighteen years since I began learning the hypertext philosophy and software developed by Mr. Neil Larson (founder of MaxThink, Inc) in 1988. I owe them both a great deal. (See other acknowledgements.)

For those of you who might be interested in my efforts to "deming" my teaching of international relations, I have written an essay and am working on a follow up as well as some general philosophical reflections (in draft form). Links to what is available are provided below.

For those of you interested in my background, I have also provided a link below to details of some of my "recent" activities.

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