Pols. 315 (1) Global Politics/International Relations - Prof. Chadwick

K&R - Kegley and Raymond, The Global Future
S - Stoessinger, Why Nations Go to War
IFs - Hughes and Hillebrand, Exploring and Shaping International Futures now in Bookstore (go to textbook counter and ask for it)

Week of
March 7, 9
quiz on
K&R, Ch. 9 Realist Paths to Peace 
S., Ch. 8 Saddam Husseinís War against Iran and Kuwait
IFs, Ch. 7 Food & Agriculture
What is the "realist" perspective on international politics?  What is "soft power?"  What is the "power transition" theory?

Do Islamic radicals fight each other? In the Iran-Iraq war, was did an obsession with martyrdom keep the war popular despite heavy casualties?

On average, is agricultural production keeping up with population growth worldwide?   And what does this imply long term? 

Week of
March 14, 16
quiz on
K&R Ch. 10 "Liberal Paths to Peace"
S Ch. 9 New Wars for a New Century: America and the World of Islam
IFs. Ch. 8 Energy 
This week my lectures will be on Tuesday. Thursday will be devoted to simulation and a quiz, both supervised by our TIs.
Distinguish collective security from alliances. Why is international law weak? What is the difference between the functionalist and neofunctionalist approach to international integration?

Does Stoessinger think of Bush as a pragmatist or a crusader? What were the "two armies" Stoessinger says were needed, but only one sent? Why did Bush "raise the bar?" What examples did Stoessinger use of "imperial overstretch?" 

Turning to IFs, what is the global energy consumption trend in use of fossil fuels vs. renewables?

Week of
March 21, 23
quiz on
Special Event Tuesday: Leo Bogee's mini seminar on leadership
Thursday: K&R Ch 11 "The Globalization of World Politics"
S Ch 6 "Four Battles over God: India and Pakistan in 1945, 1965, 1971, and 1998" 
Simulation begins 
Read Leo's notes over the weekend before coming to class, and think about them. What leadership "style" do you have? How do you think about the past, present, future? What are you sources of inspiration (as a leader)? 

Thursday I will be in San Diego. Prof. Dator has consented to be responsible for the class. Your teaching interns will supervise your simulation period, then administer a short quiz on the Bogee, K&R, and Stoessinger readings. I will be checking my email from San Diego in case you have any questions.

Spring break
During the break you might want to contact your team mates or your opposite numbers in other countries. If you do, you'll want their email addresses. Feel free to walk around to different teams during the simulation period on Thursday (last week) to get them if you don't have them already.

Week of
April 4, 6
Exam 3 on
K&R Ch 12 "Markets and Money in a Global Political Economy"
H&H  IFs Ch. 6 Economics

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