Date Assignments Discussion and Resources
Week of
April 11, 13
quiz on
 K&R Ch. 6 "Nonstate Actors and the Challenge of Global Governance," 117-147.
H&H Ch. 10 "Domestic Social and Political Systems," 161-177. Don't worry about variable and parameter names; read for substance.
Conflict and Cooperation
Political Stability
Simulation continues 
Have IGOs and NGOs increased in number since the 1950s? How do they differ from each other and among themselves? What are religous organizations? NGOs or IGOs?
Resources:   Minorities at Risk (MAR) Project    Native Hawaiians
Week of
April 18, 20
Quiz on
 K&R Ch. 1 "Exploring Twenty-first Century World Politics," 2-21
Coplin's Political Actors, Issues, and Power Approach to Understanding Decision Making
What are the "levels of analysis" K&R use? Why are they important?

I will be in Chicago attending the annual convention of the Midwest Political Science Association. The TI's will supervise the simulation period and administer the quiz.

Essay 2 instruction
Essay due Thursday April 27th.
Simulation ends 
Week of
April 25, 27,
quiz on
 K&R Ch 2 "Theories of World Politics," 22-41.
Simulation debriefings 
What are the major theories of international relations in use today, and several of their alternatives? Is constructivism a theory? What criteria are suggested for comparatively evaluating international relations theories?
Week of
May 2
Exam 4 on
 Course review, evaluation, and preparation for take-home essay exam
Exam 4
Note: Exam 4 will be given the last day of class and is based on quizzes 10, 11, and 12 only, plus the brief review Tuesday. The take home final exam, an essay, will be discussed first, followed by Exam 4. 

Final exam scheduled   Do not come to our classroom. See below for instructions.

Your final exam will be a take-home essay due no later than at the end of this exam period, i.e., by 11:45 A.M. on May 9th.


You will find the essay questions here on the last day of class (right now the essay from last semester is there as a sample of the kind of essay you will have--not the same of course!). It will be a Microsoft Word ".doc" file, so when you click on it, it should open up in Microsoft Word. Fill it in as if it were a form. Put your answers below each question, save as a document, then either (1) send me your answers to the exam by emailing, or (2) slide a paper copy under my door (Saunders Hall room 619).

You may turn it in anytime between May 2nd and 11:45 A.M., May 9th.

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