Ad-Hoc Studies / Special Reports

Institution Report Date Format
System Benchmark Activity Spring 2001 pdf
System National Comparisons on Selected Indicators Fall 1996 pdf
System Transfer Rates: UH 2-Year to UH 4-Year Campuses Fall 2000,Spring 2001 pdf
System University of Hawai‘i Headcount Enrollment, by Campus Fall 1992 to Fall 2002 pdf
System Headcount Enrollment of Credit Students, by Campus Fall 1992 to Fall 2002 pdf
System Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment of Credit Students, by Campus Fall 1992 to Fall 2002 pdf
System FTE Student to FTE Staff Ratios for UH Peer and Benchmark Institutions Fall 2001 pdf excel
System Hawai‘i High School Students who started at U.S. Mainland Institutions, then transferred to the University of Hawai‘i January 16, 2002 pdf
System Hawaiian / part-Hawaiian Students at the University of Hawai‘i January 14, 2002 pdf
System Foreign Students at the University of Hawai‘i December 4, 2001 pdf
UH Mānoa Transfer, Enrollment and Performance of UH Community College Associates in Arts Graduates
September 2005 pdf
UH Mānoa UH Mānoa Students Concurrently Enrolled at Other UH Campuses Fall 2001, Spring 2002 pdf
UH Mānoa Average Time to Undergraduate Degree Spring 2001 pdf
UH Mānoa Graduation and Retention Rates, Entering SAT Scores and Average Time to Degree Comparisons pdf
UH Mānoa Ratios of Men to Women Instructional Faculty by Department * October 1994 to October 2001 pdf
UH Mānoa Percent Student Semester Hours Taught, by Faculty Type Fall 2000 pdf
UH Mānoa Graduation, Continuation and Success Rates by High School Attended Fall 1990 to Fall 1994 Cohorts, as of 2000 pdf
UH Mānoa Distribution of Grades: Courses with 100 Students or More and "Killer" Courses Fall 2005 pdf

* Note: Corrections made to table on May 3, 2002. Duplicate row headers discovered in table under "School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies",and under "College of Education". Missing were "Center for Philippines Studies" under SHAPS, and "Curriculum Research Development Group" under College of Education.

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