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Available Reports

Report Report Name Description Availablity
UHRPT.A1001 Transfer Course Lookup Transfer course equivalency rules by transfer institution SBGI code Registrars and individuals who work on course articulation
UHRPT.I2001 Control Report Log Displays status of ODS daily refresh process and scheduled freeze events Report Developers
UHRPT.I3001 Enrollment by Semester (Slice in Time Data) Enrollment data with selected demographics and ability to drill down All users with any reporting role
UHRPT.I3500 Title III - Degrees and Certificates Earned Degrees and Certificates earned by degree level with ability to set Native Hawaiian population for Title III reporting Title III Coordinators
R3024 RPALDSB by Date Report selects records in RPALDSB by Check Date. Note: Reports that require real time data such as this one are in database=UH. Financial Aid Officers

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How To Set-up a Connection to Discoverer Reports

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  2. Create a Connection
    • Go to the Oracle Discoverer Viewer website at
    • Select OracleBI Discoverer in the Connect To drop-down field.
    • In the User Name field, enter UH username.
    • In the Password field, enter ODS password.
    • In the Database field, enter ODS8.
    • In the End User Layer field, enter UHRPT for system reports; CMPRPT for campus reports.
    • Click the Go button to complete the connection.

Tips For Viewing Discoverer Reports