IRO Dynamic Reporting


The IRO Dynamic Reporting (IRODR) is an initiative by IRO to bring automated, on-demand information to its user community. Currently, the IRODR extracts data from Banner, daily, at 7:00 am and 5:30 pm.

IRODR features:

  • Daily Opening Enrollment Headcount (Credit and Non-credit) and SSH for Fall, Summer, Spring terms starting from Summer/Fall 2006.

  • Daily Opening Enrollment Headcount by Demographic
    (Ethnicity, Major, Hawaiian Legacy, Gender, and Tuition Status) starting from Summer/Fall 2006.

  • Course Detail information
    regarding classes offered, small classes, and distance education classes. Adjusted and Unadjusted.

  • Interactive Course Registrations Reports (MAPS)
    featuring breakdown by course level.

If you have any questions, concerns, problems accessing the website, or any general comments feel free to send them to


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What dates are available?

A1. Opening enrollment data is available for the following date ranges:

Fall 201304/01/201310/30/2013 Spring 201411/04/201302/18/2014
Fall 201204/09/201209/24/2012 Spring 201311/30/201202/11/2013 Summer 201304/1/201308/05/2013
Fall 201104/11/201109/23/2011 Spring 201211/07/201102/10/2012 Summer 201204/09/201207/29/2012
Fall 201004/12/201009/24/2010 Spring 201111/01/201002/13/2011 Summer 201104/11/201107/29/2011
Fall 200904/13/200909/24/2009 Spring 201011/02/200902/12/2010 -
Fall 200804/21/200809/16/2008 Spring 200911/10/200802/4/2009 Summer 200904/01/2009 07/30/2009
Fall 200704/09/200709/11/2007 Spring 200811/05/200702/05/2008 Summer 200804/01/200809/08/2008
Fall 200607/20/200609/12/2006 Spring 200712/04/200602/16/2007 Summer 200704/09/200708/20/2007
Summer 200607/20/200608/10/2006

Q2. How are the start/end dates determined?

A2. The start dates are based on the first day of registration for any of the 10 campuses in the system. The end dates were originally selected around the week before Census, however to accommodate more up-to-date reporting, starting Summer/Fall 2009, opening enrollment collection will end the day before Census.

Q3. What is an opening enrollment headcount?

A3. Opening enrollment is the period from the first day of registration for a term until the designated CENSUS date (typically 5 weeks after the start of instruction). Counts collected during this period are preliminary, unofficial, duplicated headcounts of the number of students registered within the UH System. If a student registers at more than one campus, they are counted twice in the overall total (e.g. a student registered at UH Manoa and Kapiolani CC is counted once at UH Manoa and once at Kapiolani CC).

1 headcount = 1 per person, per registered campus.

Official headcounts , for a given semester, are reported in our CENSUS reports found at