What is a "hold" on my account?

Certain university offices may place a hold on your account to prevent you from registering, making registration changes, or accessing enrollment and other services. This usually occurs if you have not fulfilled certain requirements such as financial obligations, health clearance, academic advising, etc. To see the types of holds, and to find out if you have any, click here.

ISS issues a hold on new international students if they have not gotten visa clearance. ISS also places holds for J-1 student health insurance clearance. For F-1 students, health insurance holds are handled by the Student Health Insurance Office.


Health Insurance Requirement

Find out how to clear your requirement here.


English Language Requirement

Do you have an English Language Requirement? Find out about language testing and clearance here.


ISS Sponsored Student Programs

International Student Association (ISA) - ISA is a UHM registered indepedent organization that promotes global friendships and understanding among students; supports new and continuing students in their educational objectives; explores issues and places in Hawaii; and develops leadership among international students.  [Website][Facebook]

Mentor-Mentee Program - This program was established to provide a friend (mentor) to help new students (mentee) adjust to living in Hawaii.  [more...]