21st Century Facilities (21CF)

Goal: Eliminate the university’s deferred maintenance backlog and modernize facilities and campus environments to be safe, sustainable and supportive of modern practices in teaching, learning and research.

The University of Hawai‘i must eliminate the substantial deferred maintenance backlog and modernize facilities to meet 21st century needs for learning, teaching and research. This systemwide problem exists on all but the newest campus, and is particularly acute at the flagship Mānoa campus. As of June 2014, the university’s deferred maintenance backlog for general funded facilities is just over $400 million for its nearly $5 billion dollar capital plant.

UH students, faculty and staff need and deserve well-maintained and up-to-date facilities that support modern teaching, learning, innovation and scholarship. Facilities and campus environments must be safe, sustainable and support 21st century higher education expectations and practices. The university’s facilities must be fully digitally enabled; flexible in use; maintainable at low cost; energy, water and waste efficient; and supportive of deep collaborations with partners across the state, nation and the world.

21CF Action Strategy 1:
Adopt model policies and practices for development and management of UH buildings and campuses.


    • Develop, adopt or adapt new streamlined, accountable, efficient and effective processes and organizational structures for construction, renewal and maintenance of facilities to include all phases from planning and procurement through project management and acceptance
    • Develop comprehensive multi-year capital improvement plans for construction, renewal and modernization that minimize disruption to campuses
    • Develop a financial plan that responsibly leverages state and university financial capacities to execute capital improvement plans and meet ongoing operating, maintenance and renewal requirements

21CF Action Strategy 2:
Improve the sustainability and resource conservation of the built environment including facilities and grounds by reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas production, water use and waste production.


    • Implement full energy metering and monitoring of campus buildings
    • Improve energy efficiency of UH campuses and facilities
    • Increase the percentage of UH energy generated from renewable sources
    • Reduce costs of energy consumed on/by UH campuses
    • Improve the sustainability of campus grounds
    • Track, report and minimize greenhouse gas emissions
    • Re-invest savings and costs avoided from energy conservation and efficiency projects into sustainability projects

21CF Action Strategy 3:
Provide safe, healthy and discrimination free environments for teaching, learning and scholarship for students, employees and visitors.


    • Collaborate as a system to understand and comply with Title IX and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) guidance and apply best practices in promoting safety and response to incidents across the state
    • Update systemwide and campus policies and guidelines to ensure compliance and promote safety and security
    • Ensure availability and accessibility of high-quality confidential resources for victims
    • Provide appropriate safety and awareness education for responsible officials and all students and employees
    • Ensure that clear and useful information is readily available when needed

Productivity and Efficiency Measures for 2lst Century Facilities (21CF)

*Measure is tracked internally.