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Current & Recent Outages UH - ITS News - Current & Recent Outages

(or expected resolution time)
[RESOLVED] Update to Paystub web application (Jan 19) Jan 19 10:30 PM
[RESOLVED] Issues creating new UH accounts on Google@UH (Jan 17) Jan 18 06:30 AM
[RESOLVED] Windows Updates for AT File Server, AD Servers, and Exchange Servers (Jan 17) Jan 18 12:00 AM
[RESOLVED] Users may be receiving errors when accessing Drive (Jan 17) Jan 17 11:30 AM
[RESOLVED] UH Wi-Fi access campus wide is currently experiencing problems (Jan 15) Jan 16 01:01 AM
[RESOLVED] Manoa - Sakamaki 4th floor network outage (Jan 15) Jan 16 12:30 PM
[RESOLVED] Some web services may be unavailable (Jan 13) Jan 13 09:30 AM
[RESOLVED] myGrant unavailable (Jan 11) Jan 11 12:40 PM
[RESOLVED] MyUH self service unavailable (Jan 9) Jan 9 12:14 PM

Current Outages UH - ITS News - Current Outages

No outages have been reported

Scheduled Outages UH - ITS News - Scheduled Outages

No outages have been reported

Security Alerts UH - ITS News - Security Alerts

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: Do you request to terminate your account? OR Deactivate Notification (Jan 22) 01/22/2017
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Request From ... !!! (Jan 20) 01/20/2017
Possible employment scam targeting college students (Jan 19) 01/19/2017
Phishing Attempt: warning***Verification Request Status (Do Not Ignore) (Jan 19) 01/19/2017
Phishing Attempt: message from UH (Jan 19) 01/19/2017
Phishing Attempt: Research Doc. OR Research Document's (Jan 17) 01/17/2017
Phishing Attempt: You have an important message from Hawaii (Jan 11) 01/11/2017
Phishing Attempt: Validation Of School Mail Box (Jan 9) 01/9/2017
Phishing Attempt: Aloha ! (Jan 9) 01/9/2017
Phishing Attempt: You have 4 Pending messages or EMAIL ACCOUNT SHUT DOWN or warning***Verification Request Status (Do Not Ignore) (Jan 9) 01/9/2017
Phishing Attempt: Imp: New Quarterly Verification (Jan 7) 01/8/2017
Phishing Attempt: classes begins this Jan 2017 (Jan 7) 01/7/2017
Phishing Attempt: NOTE: (Dec 7) 12/7/2016

General Notices & Announcements UH - ITS News - General Notices & Announcements

SummaryPosted On
Windows Vista: End of Support Advisory (Mar 1) 03/1/2016

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