Here you will find important information technology alerts and late breaking news that affect computing services. Questions and comments about the topics of the articles should go to the individual authors.

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Current and Recent Outages RSS feed

SummaryResolved (or expected resolution time)
[RESOLVED] Scheduled Banner Outage (Jul 3)Jul 3 12:00 pm
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for the Hawaii Information Portal (HIP) (Jul 1)Jul 2 11:00 pm
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for FileDrop (Jul 2)Jul 2 12:00 am
[RESOLVED] Scheduled Banner Outage for Fiscal Year End Maintenance (Jun 30)Jul 1 10:30 am
[RESOLVED] Access to some websites unavailable. (Jun 28)Jun 28 09:20 pm
[RESOLVED] OnBase unavailable (Jun 27)Jun 27 08:30 am
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for various ITS services (Jun 26)Jun 26 12:00 pm
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for Laulima (Jun 26)Jun 26 10:00 am
[RESOLVED] Scheduled maintenance for Listserv (Jun 25)Jun 25 07:00 am

Current Outages RSS feed

SummaryResolved (or expected resolution time)

Scheduled Outages RSS feed

SummaryScheduled Start TimeScheduled End Time
Scheduled maintenance for Departmental UH Username management website ( (Jul 6)Jul 6 07:00 amJul 6 08:00 am
Scheduled Outage for Manoa One Card Services (Jul 25)Jul 25 03:00 amJul 26 09:00 am

Security Alerts RSS feed

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: Work from Home!!! (Jun 26)Jun 26 03:01 pm
Phishing Attempt: Paid Invoice for:[username] (Jun 22)Jun 22 08:52 am
Phishing Attempt: validitate your account for the month of [Month] [Year] (Jun 3)Jun 3 07:33 am
Phishing Attempt: <username> is expiring in 3 days. Please confirm your email now! (May 30)May 30 06:22 pm
Phishing Attempt: Item shared with you: "Staff Effectiveness Feedback!.pdf" (May 20)May 20 12:44 pm
Phishing attempt: SUPPORT (Apr 29)Apr 29 08:14 am
Phishing Attempt: 'Follow up' [another variant of the 'Are you available?' emails] (May 7)May 7 08:58 am
Phishing Attempt: Quick request [another variant of the 'Are you available?' emails] (Mar 9)Mar 9 08:23 am
Phishing Attempt: "Quick Message" [and two other variants of suspicious 'Are you available?' emails] (Jan 6)Jan 6 10:09 am
Phishing Attempt: Suspicious emails with UH officials' names (Dec 3)Dec 3 11:44 pm

General Notices & Announcements RSS feed

SummaryPosted On
2022 Departmental/Organizational UH Username Renewal Notices (Jun 7)Jun 7 02:20 pm
Notice: End of support for macOS 10.14.x and 10.15.x (Mar 31)Mar 31 12:38 pm
Notice: Service Restrictions From Sanctioned Countries (Mar 8)Mar 8 12:31 am
Notice: Strengthening passwords for UH Usernames (Mar 7)Mar 7 03:02 pm
Notice: Security Vulnerability in McAfee Agent (McAfee Endpoint Security for Windows) (Jan 25)Jan 25 01:04 pm
Notice: Windows 11 Advisory (Oct 1)Oct 1 10:18 am