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SummaryStart TimeEnd Time
[RESOLVED] Web Login Service (CAS) unavailable for some UH web applications Jul 17 12:50 PM
[RESOLVED] CAS Authentication failed! Jul 16 12:00 PM
[RESOLVED] Problems with Oceanic Channel 355 Jul 05 07:45 AM
[RESOLVED] MyUH Unavailable Jun 12 08:34 AM
[RESOLVED] Laulima webpage unavailable Jun 04 03:56 PM
[RESOLVED] Sinclair Network Issues May 16 08:00 AM
[RESOLVED] Department of Education Chanel 46.055 May 08 10:16 PM

Security Alerts

SummaryPosted On
Phishing Attempt: ALERT!! 08/02/2015
Phishing Attempt: Avoid this termination process 07/28/2015
Phishing Attempt: Re-Validate To Secure Your Account 07/26/2015
Phishing Attempt: You have one new message from 07/25/2015
Phishing Attempt: Hello 07/24/2015
Phishing Attempt: Information 07/23/2015
Phishing Attempt: Suspicious Dropbox email, "... used Dropbox to share a file with you" 07/22/2015
Windows: MS15-078 out-of-band security update -- patch now 07/20/2015
Phishing Attempt: Suspension notice 07/17/2015
Windows/Mac/Linux: Adobe Flash Player Security Update APSB15-18 07/14/2015
Phishing Attempt: Emergency Notice 07/12/2015
Phishing Attempt: Identity Protection 07/10/2015
Phishing Attempt: School Mail Box Re-Validation 07/10/2015
Phishing Attempt: (no subject) 07/09/2015
Windows/Mac/Linux: Adobe Flash Player Security Update APSB15-16 07/08/2015
Phishing Attempt: One New Message From 07/07/2015
Phishing Attempt: File sharing alert 07/07/2015
Phishing Attempt: New Message Alert 07/07/2015
Phishing Attempt: Your Mailbox has exceeded Its storage limit (variation) 06/13/2015

General Notices & Announcements

SummaryPosted On
Network Outage on the Big Island Affecting Services - Fiber Cut 08/02/2015
Departmental UH Username Renewal Notices 04/02/2015
End of support for Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 12/22/2014

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