Resolved Notice: Scam alert: Phone calls from fake "Dell Support" (Sep 29)

Notice ended at 10/30/2017 09:15am.

There have been reports of people receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be calling from Dell support.  The person calling will then say something about the person's computer being infected with malware, or that the person's computer is not infected but has received a number of attacks recently, or some other kind of problem with the person's computer.  The "Dell support" person will then request to perform some Windows "RUN" features that entail typing "eventvwr" in the run box. Basically, they would like you to grant them access to your computer.

This is a scam; please be alert and do not allow an unknown person to access your computer.  ITS recommends that you never allow anyone who calls you out of the blue, when you did not initiate a support call, to gain access to your computer.  The person could steal personal information or leave behind a malware that will actually infect your computer and potentially capture all of your keystrokes and browsing actions.

Posted 09/29/2017 09:19am.

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