Resolved Notice: Phishing Attempt: Unusual sign-in activity (May 12)

Notice ended at 06/13/2018 11:58pm.

A phishing attempt has been reported supposedly from the University of Hawaii. Please do NOT reply to the email or click on the link. Do NOT submit your personal information. The University of Hawaii will NEVER ask for your UH username and password in an email message. See: for reporting a new/suspicious email targeting UH usernames. Sample message:


We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to your University of Hawaii email account.

details

Country/region: Brazil

IP address:

Date: 5/12/2018 3:04 AM (GMT)

Platform: Windows

Browser: Chrome

For your security and the security of other users we have limited the functions of your University of Hawaii email account. Your email account is under security scrutiny, to reactivate your account kindly click on [phishing link removed] and follow the reactivation process.

Failure to upgrade might lead in DE-activation of your account.

ITS Help-Desk

Posted 05/13/2018 12:04am.

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