Resolved Problem: Lower Campus Network Resources Unavailable (Sep 12)

Network resources are now available for Lower Campus.

Problem resolved at 09/12/2018 04:18pm.
Posted 09/12/2018 04:19pm

While power has been restored to the affected area, Lower Campus networking resources are currently being restored. Next update at 5:00 PM.
Posted 09/12/2018 04:02pm

Some network resources have been restored via a backup generator, however some network resources are still unavailable due to the outage. HECO is now projecting resolution at 4:00 PM. Next update at 4:00 PM.
Posted 09/12/2018 02:46pm

Power is still not restored for Lower Campus. HECO's estimated restoration time is now at 2:30 PM. Next update at 2:30 PM.
Posted 09/12/2018 01:28pm

Next update: 1:30 PM.
Posted 09/12/2018 12:19pm

Network resources in Lower Campus are currently unavailable due to a power outage. HECO's estimated time of restoration is at 1:30 PM.

Problem started at 09/12/2018 11:57am .

Posted 09/12/2018 12:19pm.

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