Notice: Security Vulnerability in McAfee Agent (McAfee Endpoint Security for Windows) (Jan 25 01:05 pm)

McAfee has patched a security vulnerability discovered in its McAfee Agent software for Windows, an included component of McAfee Endpoint Security. All McAfee Agent versions before 5.7.5 are vulnerable and could allow unprivileged Windows accounts to gain “administrator” access. ITS strongly recommends you update the McAfee Agent if you are running a vulnerable version (see instructions below).
You can update the McAfee Agent by installing the updated 5.7.5 agent over the existing Agent.  The second method is to install the latest repackaged McAfee Endpoint Security 10.7.0 (December 2021 Update) which includes the updated 5.7.5 agent.
How do I check if my McAfee Agent version is vulnerable?

  1. Right-click the McAfee tray shield icon on the Windows taskbar and click ‘About’.
  2. In the ‘About’, look for the ‘McAfee Agent version’ number. If your McAfee Agent version is less than 5.7.5, your version is vulnerable and will need to be updated by following one of the methods below.

How do I update only my McAfee Agent?
  1. Visit and download ‘McAfee ENS Agent 5.7.5’.
  2. Double click the downloaded file ‘’ and select ‘Extract all’.
  3. Navigate to the folder where the files were extracted.
  4. Right click on ‘FramePkg_UPD.exe’ and click on ‘Run as administrator’.
  5. After the setup is complete, restart your computer then check the McAfee Agent version again.

How do I install the updated and repackaged McAfee Endpoint Security?
If you have questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk.