Notice: Strengthening passwords for UH Usernames (Mar 7 03:03 pm)

Current UH Username password requirements ( help safeguard against common tactics malicious actors use to gain access to online accounts and better align our password practices with industry standards. Creating a strong and complex password is one of the most important steps a user can take to secure access and data across all systems, services, and technological resources available to users with a UH Username.
Users whose passwords have not been updated since April 8, 2010, or whose passwords do not meet current password requirements, will be asked to update their password by June 13, 2022. If affected users do not update their passwords by June 13, 2022, they will lose access to their UH Username and will need to contact the ITS Help Desk ( to restore access. Affected users may follow these instructions to update their password:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on One-Step Password Change
  3. Fill out the required fields below.
    1. UH Username
    2. Current Password
    3. New Password
    4. Re-enter New Password
  4. Click the Agree to Accept Policies checkbox after reading the required policies
  5. Click Change Password

Users are also encouraged to further secure their UH Username by updating their password reset questions and enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication, if they have not done so already:
Update Password Reset Questions:
Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication:
Please note, ITS will NEVER ask for a user’s password and users should NOT provide their password to others. Should users have any questions or run into any difficulties when updating their password, they may contact the ITS Help Desk ( for assistance.