Computer Training Lab

Computer Training LabOverview

The Information Technology Services (ITS) Computer Training Lab, located in the IT Center on University of Hawai'i (UH) Manoa campus, was designed to provide the UH community with a location for hands-on computer training. It is fully-equipped with 20 Windows workstations and a projector. The Computer Training Lab is managed by ITS.

To reserve the ITS Computer Training Lab, submit a reservation request using our reservation form. You can view the availability of the ITS Computer Training Lab using the calendar.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Closed on State holidays

Hardware/Equipment Available

1 PC system for the instructor, Internet ready
19 PCs for the participants, Internet ready

Dell Optiplex 7460 All-in-one
23″ touchscreen display
Intel Pentium i7 6 Core 4.6GHz processor
256GB SSD hard drive
Integrated Webcam, Speakers, & Microphone

Departments can purchase training headphones for participants for $5.00/participant. The participants (or renting organization) may take the headphones after training. Departments can also provide headphones or participants may bring their own. Headphones should have at least a three feet reach for participants to comfortably use them for training.

Note: A maximum of 19 workstations for participants can be set-up.

Projection screen

Standard* Software Installed on Systems

PC computers running Windows 10
Office 2021 Professional Plus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, Outlook, OneNote)
McAfee Endpoint Security
Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome
Acrobat Pro DC
FileZilla SFTP Client
PuTTY SSH Client
VLC Player
*Non-standard software may be requested. The department/group using the lab is responsible for proper licensing.

Accessible Station

One of the 19 PCs is designated as an accessible station for those with visual impairments. This station includes the standard software listed above, plus the following accessibility software:

ZoomText Magnifier
JAWS Screen Reader


  1. The hourly and daily rates are for usage of the lab and equipment only.
  2. A minimum set-up and clean-up fee of $40 will be charged per reservation for all events.
  3. For non-standard software installations, there is a $40/hr software installation and removal charge.
  4. For usage outside of our normal business hours (listed above), ITS staff is required to be on site. See "special requests" for hourly rate for staff presence.

UH departments:
No charge for lab use

Hawaii Government Units, Non-Profit Organizations, UH Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs):

Private companies, vendors, etc.:

Special Requests

Special software:
Non-standard software required on the computers must be provided by the department/group using the lab and must be installed by ITS. The group must provide ITS with a disclaimer that the group will take full responsibility for legal licenses of the software. An additional charge will be applied for installation and removal (restore the systems back to the original configuration ) service. If the class involves installation of software or hardware by the participants, there will be an extra charge to allow for cleanup and restoring the systems. The group using the lab must agree in advance to pay for these extra charges.

Technical assistance to be present during the session:
$50/hr for staff, an additional $25/hr will be added to the standard rate for staff time after the normal business hours.
Technical assistance must be prearranged. Staff are not available "on-call."

Other special requests may be accommodated with manager's approval. Please allow additional time for processing to review and approve these requests.

Procedure and Payment

  • Submit a reservation form to request use of the lab.
  • ITS will confirm your request.
  • To cancel a confirmed reservation, please give a minimum of 24 hours notice. For cancellations with proper notice, we will only invoice for costs already incurred, like installation of non-standard software. See the cancellation section below for more details.
  • Upon completion of the lab usage, the group will be invoiced by ITS.

Conditions of Use

The group using the lab must agree to the following conditions:

  1. Food and open-top beverage containers are NOT permitted in the lab. However, closed-top beverage containers (bottles of water, cups with lids, etc.) are permitted. The renting organization is responsible for replacement cost of equipment if any equipment is damaged during the training lab rental.
  2. All equipment, including the projector, chairs and tables, etc. must remain in the lab.
  3. The group using the lab is responsible for safe keeping of all equipment during lab use and will be held liable for any loss and/or damage due to misuse, abuse, or negligence (i.e. equipment missing when door not closed and locked after last person leaves.)
  4. ITS is not responsible for injury to instructor or participants and is not liable for personal property loss.
  5. At the conclusion of the training session, the lab is to be left tidy (remove all materials and papers and push chairs in); the projection unit, the computers, and the lights in the lab must be turned OFF; and the door closed and locked after the last person leaves.
  6. An additional $40 cleanup fee will be incurred if room is dirty after event is completed.


To cancel a confirmed reservation, a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. For cancellation with proper notice, requester will be invoiced for costs already incurred. If notice of cancellation is provided prior to the reservation time but within 24 hours of the reservation, a mandatory set-up charge will be assessed for holding the room. If no prior notice of cancellation is provided, the requester will be invoiced for the full cost of the reservation.


  • Copy services - Instructors are responsible for providing enough printed handouts for all participants. We recommend either e-mailing the handouts to each participant in advance, creating a website where participants can download the materials, or assigning one of your staff to print and distribute handouts to participants. Please note - a copier is available for use, however, access must be coordinated by the event coordinator/room requester prior to the room reservation date. Charges for copies will apply.
  • Fax services - fax services are not available at this location.
  • Parking - Please visit for parking information.