ITS Security Tip of the Week: Password Management

Protecting sensitive data is everyone’s responsibility, to increase awareness of careless online habits and assist in creating good practices ITS encourages you to review these weekly tips.

An important part of password security is password storing and management. Having a strong and secure password is pointless if everyone knows it. While having your password in your head is the most secure way to store it, with all of the different websites and passwords people must maintain today sometimes it is impossible to remember them all. Here are some tips on how to securely store usernames and passwords.

1. Never post your password on your monitor or on a post it under the keyboard or mouse. Those are the first places people with physical access to your computer will check.

2. Use a password manager. These applications install on your computer or smart phone and can store many usernames and passwords. If you use a password manager it is important that you remember that master password and use a pin code to protect your smart phone device. Always close the application when you are done using it and use a screen saver password to ensure no one can access your passwords if you walk away from your computer. You would also want to ensure you backup the management database in case of hardware failure. More information on password managers can be found at

3. Some applications such as Facebook offer a feature called “Trusted Friends” that will help you recover your password if you ever get locked out.  By enabling this feature you don’t have to worry about giving someone your password if you ever get locked out. Facebook would just send a security code to each friend and you would need to collect all 3 of them in order to log in. Be very careful about who you select as a trusted friend. More information on Trusted friends

Please contact the ITS security team at for more information or if you have any questions about the security of your personal information.


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