ITS Security Tip of the Week: Beware of Annoyware

Annoyware is a type of software that generates pop-up adverts to appear on your screen; it’s also known as “nagware” or “floating ads.” Annoyware is often associated with shareware, which relies on advertising dollars to offer you free use of a software program. The unsolicited advert windows can prompt you to perform a variety of actions like purchasing a computer application or registering at a website. Not only are the adverts annoying, they can also compromise your security by launching harmful computer viruses or Trojans. Don’t be a victim of click fraud, always read the information in any pop-up window to insure that you understand what action you are taking by clicking on it. For more information on related forms of click fraud and preventative tips read the ITS article: Fraudware Ransomware Scareware Beware.

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