Recycling of UH-owned eWaste During October

As part of the ongoing UH Quarterly eWaste Pick-Up program, university-owned electronic waste (ewaste) is scheduled for recycling during October; throughout the year recycling in the program also takes place in January, April, and July. All equipment is disposed of in an earth-friendly process at certified recycling centers courtesy of Apple. 

The procedures for consolidation/shipping of ewaste vary on each UH campus; for a list of contacts that can provide information for each campus visit the program’s webpage at:


Prior to recycling any university-owned equipment you should take several steps:

- Review the AskUs article Best Practices For Recycling UH-Owned Ewaste for insights on securely deleting data.

- Check to see if another department of the university system can use the equipment by listing it on the UH Electronic Swap Meet.

- Verify inventory clearance of the equipment with your Administrative personnel.

- Consider donation if this is applicable.