Updated UH Computing Safety Guidelines

The sophistication of online security attacks continues to increase, and in response the ITS Information Security Team has updated the UH IT Safety Guidelines for securing your computer and protecting information. According to Symantec Corporation (one of the largest makers of security software for computers) the global ratio of email-borne viruses in email traffic has risen to 1 in 255.8 emails by November 2011. Keep in mind that UH ITS will never ask for your username and password over email; you will never be asked to enter your username or password into a URL to request an email quota increase, update your account info, or for any other service enhancement.

The updated security guidelines are aligned with the UH Executive Policy E2.210 (Use and Management of Information Technology Resources), continued use of your UH Username and University Information Technology Resources, including email, indicates your acceptance of and agreement to the Executive Policy. Reviewing the guidelines is a convenient way to access your online computing habits and make adjustments for increased IT security.

Links to a printable PDF file of the updated guidelines and the complete Executive Policy E2.210 are included in the ITS AskUs article titled Securing your Computer & Protecting your Information.