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Enhancements to Leave Accounting Process Underway
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by Christopher Chan

Unsure if you have enough vacation time to take that family trip to Disneyland in the summer?  Just found out that you were placed on leave without pay because you ran out of both sick and vacation leave?  Tired of having to complete two leave cards just because you’re going to be out on January 31 and February 1? Well, do we have good news for you!

ITS, in collaboration with the Office of Human Resources (OHR), is in the process of developing a new web application that will allow University of Hawaii employees to submit requests for leave via the Web. 

The new application is being designed to resemble the current paper-based process of requesting a leave of absence, with the addition of many enhancements and improvements.  Employees will be guided through a two-step process in which they’ll provide the dates, leave type(s), and hours per day. 

In Step 1, employees will specify the inclusive dates of leave, the position number (for employees with multiple appointments), the leave type (optional) and comments (optional).

Image - Step 1

Step 1

Leave type(s) and hours per day will be collected in Step 2.  A work schedule component in the leave application will be used to display employee-specific workdays while omitting days off.

Image - Step 2

Step 2

The total number of hours in the request will be checked against the employee’s leave balance upon submission to verify the validity of the request.  Subsequently, the request will be marked as ‘Pending Approval’ and routed electronically to the appropriate approving authority.  As requests for leave of absence are approved or denied, employees will receive an immediate notification via email. 

Additional benefits that the new leave application will offer include:

  • The ability to project future accruals
    • This feature will allow the submission of leave requests that are dependent upon leave that has not yet been earned.  Therefore, employees can look forward to confidently planning vacations in advance
  • The ability to submit requests that span multiple months
    • Requests made for consecutive calendar days in two different months won’t need to be broken up into two separate leave cards
  • Instant access to up-to-the-minute leave balances
  • Complete history of leave transactions
Tracking of State and Federal compensatory time balances

Example Leave History

Leave History Screen Example

The leave application will be connected to the University of Hawaii’s Peoplesoft personnel system.  This will allow for Peoplesoft actions (e.g. new hires, FTE changes, terminations, etc) to be reflected in the leave application, ensuring that all personnel information is accurate and up-to-date. 

Through the web application, Personnel Officers will be able to monitor all employees in their respective departments. Additionally, they’ll have the ability to create new leave transactions and the flexibility to retrieve and manipulate existing leave transactions.

A particularly appealing benefit of the leave application is the Form 7 feature.  Because leave requests will be captured with hours broken down by the day, the Form 7 can be easily and accurately generated.  As a result, departments across UH won’t need to maintain their own shadow leave systems in the future.

OHR and ITS are excited by the many benefits that this new leave application will provide to all University of Hawaii employees.  Pilot testing is scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2008 and we are working determinedly to release this new web application in the near future! Visit the ITS website and watch InfobITS newsletter for release announcements.
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