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Master Index of Articles
(Alphabetically by Article Title) Email Services Keep Getting Better
12/31/99 Targeted as TSO Migration Deadline!
2001: A Network Odyssey
40th Anniversary Timeline

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Providing Uninterrupted Power Service
"Access for All" is Here
Access PeopleSoft Via the Web
Access Your E-mail through the Web
Admin Application Availability Increased
Admin Info System Project Status
Admin Procedures Information System Goes Online
Adobe Acrobat 5.0 Offers Improved Accessibility for Screen Readers
Adobe Acrobat Sets a New Standard in Electronic Publishing
Adventures in Networking: Part I Dialup IP
Adventures in Networking: Part II Basic Telecomputing
Apply to UH Manoa Via the Web
Aloha to ITS Retirees
Assistive Technology and Accessibility
Attention: Upcoming Systems Outages
Audio Teleconferencing Service

BITNET & DECnet Commands Discontinued
Brief History of Registration at UH Manoa, A

CA$H For Students
Computer in Every Home, A
Conference Calls Made Easy with the Meridian Integrated Conference Bridge
Connecting to UH Safely on the Road
Copyright Infringement on the Web
Course Integrated Use of WWW
Course Redesign Project Announces Round Two Workshops
Current ITS Organization

Departments Save Money with ITS Site License Service
Did You Notice Our Big Pipes?
Digital Media Center
Digital Media Center: Multimedia and Instructional Technology Support for the Campus Community
Director's Corner - Vol.1, No.1: Welcome from the Director
Director's Corner - Vol.1, No.2: Changes in ITS - Access for All
Director's Corner - Vol.1, No.3: Reorg of ITS and the Impact On the IBM Mainframe
Director's Corner - Vol.2, No.1: Networking Infrastructure for Education Grant
Director's Corner - Vol.2, No.2: Convergence of Technology
Director's Corner - Vol.2, No.3: "Why can't we ever get into the UH modem?"
Director's Corner - Vol.3, No.1: "Update on Access From Home"
Director's Corner - Vol.4, No.1: "Internet Connectivity, Next Generation Internet, Internet 2 and UH"
Director's Corner - Vol.5, No.1: "Information Technology at the University of Hawaii"
Director's Corner - Vol.6, No.1: "Y2K in Retrospect"
Disk Quotas Inplemented on UNIX Servers
Distance Education Systems at UH
DMC Reaches New Heights
"Dynamic" Site Hosting Arrives at

Electronic Mailing Lists
Electronic Teaching Tools for Faculty & Staff
Elimination of Account Numbers and B1 Funding System
Email Attachments - Not as Easy as They Should Be
Email Services Finally Receive LARGER Quota
Energy Sustainability Via Power Management
Enhanced Operator Services
Enhance Your Class With WebCT
Enhanced Security for Email Attachments
Enhancing the Performance of Your Computer
Engineering Course Wins National Award
Eudora is Now Supported by ITS
Evaluating Query Tools
Evolution of UHINFO
Evolution of UH UNIX Environment
Eye on UH Site Licence Programs - Vol.1, No.3: Lotus Multiple Choice Program
Eye on UH Site License Programs - Vol.2, No.1: Passport Replacing Lotus

Faculty/Staff Polled on UH IT Services
The Fight Against Spam Escalates!!!
Financial Management Information System is Awarded to Software AG
"Footprint" Grows for Wireless Networking
From SCRIPT to Web Editors - Word and Text Processing at UH
The Future of E-mail on our UNIX Systems

Getting Published on UHINFO
Getting to Know UH "Virtually"
Going! Going! Almost Gone!
Good Ol' Days at the UH Computing Center
Government Info Available On-line

Hardware Recommendations
Hawaii Supercomputing Challenge Call for Mentors
Hawaii Voyager: New Web Gateway to Resources in Libraries of the UH System
Help Desk Is Here!
HERN Summer Workshop 1995
High Performance Computing Grantee Excels
High Performance Computing Takes Off at UH
Host Explorers for Pcs: Connecting to Administrative Systems
HRIS Update
Human Resources Data Warehouse

IBM Rental Tape Cartridge Service Discontinued
Imaging for the Web
INET '95
Information Security, Identity Theft & YOU!
Information Security Is EVERYONE'S Responsibility!
Innovative HITS Program a First for UH
Inside the Help Desk: Checking Email from Home
Inside the Help Desk: Understanding UH Usernames
Inside the Help Desk: What to Know Before Contacting the Help Desk
Integrated System-wide Student Information System Project Now Underway
Internet: A Practical Approach Video Conference
Introducing 'First.Last' Email Aliases
Is Your PC Y2K Ready?
ITS CDROM Available at Help Desk
ITS Help Desk Coming Soon!
ITS Oversees UH Course Redesign Project
ITS Staff Snapshots - Harry Morita
ITS Unveiled

Keller Hall's New Groove
Kicking the Modem Pool Service Up a Notch

Last Chance to Save Your TSO Data!
Letter From the Editor - Vol.1, No.2
Letter From the Editor - Vol.1, No.3
Lifecycle of Your ITS Username
Locating Extramural Funding Sources on the Web

Macs and the Year 2000
Making Identity Integration Happen for UH, Julio Polo

Make Your Web Page "Findable"
Managing Your WebCT Files with WebDAV
Maui High Performance Computing Center - Vol.1, No.3
Maui High Performance Computing Center - Vol.4, No.1
Memories of INET '95
Microcomp Equipment & Software Contracts & Agreements
Microsoft Education Select Agreemts
More Changes in ITS Services to Better Serve You!

Network Access from Manoa Classrooms
Network Etiquette
New Departmental Checking System for FMIS
"New Edition" Announcement Service
New & Improved Macintosh Lab
New Hours ITS Keller
New Location for ID Requests
New Long Distance Bid Awarded
New Non-Mandatory Computer Equipment Contract Benefits UH Departments
New Numbering Plan Mean Additional Numbers
New PC Contract
New PPP-only Modem Pool
New Replacement Telephone Sets for Manoa
New Toll-Free Numbers
New UH Strategic Plan for Information Technology
No "Strings" Attached
Non-Mandatory Personal Computer Contract Established
Nostalgic Journey Down MSO Lane

"Online" Music Degree Offered Using WebCT
Online Student Employment & Cooperative Education (SECE) System
Outdated Equipment...Swap or Scrap?

P-Card Makes Purchasing Easy
PBX Switch for Maui CC
Phase Out of Support for Windows 3.1
Pioneering an Innovative Education Highway
Podcasting Enhances the Students' Engagement
Policies and Procedures for Computer Labs
Popular Software Available Via Site Licensing
Price Reference Lists, Site License Programs, and Maintenance Agreements
Protect Your System from Computer Viruses!
Protect Yourself! Practice Safe Computing
Publication Notice
Purchasing System and Web-based Requisition System Now Online
Putting Plans into Action: The UH Strategic Plan for Information Technology and the ITS 2001-2 Action Plan

QuickbITS - Fall 1999
QuickbITS - Spring 2000
QuickbITS - Fall 2000
QuickbITS - Spring 2001
QuickbITS - Winter 2001
Query Tools

Recommended Internet Client Tools
Reduced Interisland Phone Rate
Remember When ...
Reminder on N. American Numbering Plan
Respondus 1.1 Assessment Tool Licensed for UH Faculty and Staff
Retirement of PLATO
Rollout of New UH Information Security Policy

Sakai = Laulima = New Resource Tools
Satellite Conferencing
Searching the Internet
Secure E-mail Available
Secure your Web Transactions with VeriSign Server ID
Serpent Invades Paradise, A
Services Offered by Telecom Office
Shortened email Addresses
SLIP/PPP IDs Automated
Smart-Shop with SuperQUOTE™
Social Networking Through UH "My Groups"
Spring into ITS Workshops
SPSS Statistical Software
Staff Snapshots - Al Honda & Royd Liu
Streamline Procedure for Network Connection Requests
Streamline Procurement Process With New ePurchasing System
Student Housing's ResNet Program Popular Among Residents
Summer Session Touch Tone Registration
The Sun-based UNIX Systems

TALENT­Teaching and Learning With Electronic Networked Technologies
Techie Trivia
Technology Procurement Update
Telephone Etiquette Training
Telephone Power Failure Stations
"The Dog Ate My Homework" and Other WebCT Classics
Three New Accessible Computer Stations in ITS Labs
Timely Installation of Security Updates is Critical
TIP2001: Techs in Paradise High-Technology Meetings
Tips When Asking for Technical Support
To Shred or Not to Shred...Worms at Work!
Training CDROM "Hands On Tutor" at UH Bookstore
Two Popular IT Training Series Continue

UH Assumes Management of Maui High Performance Computing Center
UH Connects to Internet2 at 10 Gigabits Per Second
The UH Electronic Swap Meet
UH E-mail Services Enhanced with Anti-virus Protection
UH "FileDrop" Service - Fast & Easy
UH on iTunesU - Moving Beyond a "Preview"
UH on the Internet2
UH Post-Doc Analyzes Manoa Flood Using Maui High Performance Computing Center
UH Wireless Network Initial Rollout Begins at Manoa
UHINFO Makeover
UHINFO Wants You!
UHINFO's Webbed Feat
UHUNIX 2000­Looking Back, Looking to the Future
Unique Identifiers...Distinct Differences
Update to Windows Vista Operating System
Upgrade of PeopleSoft Human Resources System

VAX Retirement Plans
VAX WordPerfect 5.1 Relaces WORD-11
Video Server Expands Cable Programming Capabilities
Videoconferencing - The Next Best Thing to Being There
View From the Terminal Room
Virtual Tour of Networks
Vishing - A New Twist on an Old Scam
Voice Mail Passwords
Voice Mail Tips & Techniques

Web Course Tools at UH
Web Dev Group Streamlines SECE Hiring Process
Web-Based Survey Tool Available Systemwide
Webcasting: Bringing the Event to You
Welcome from the Editor
What Will Happen in the Year 2000
Whither WebCT at UH
Why No Email Recommendations
Windows 95: To Support or Not to Support?
WORD-11 to WdPerfect Conversions
WordPerfect Customer Advantage Program
WordPerfect InForms
WordPerfect Software and Support
WUSS '95

The Year 2000 for IBM/Compatibles

Information Technology Services
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