IT Operations – Enhance Incident Management Capability

Completed: February 2016
Primary Contact: Bill Wrobleski (, Director, Technology Infrastructure

This project was to evaluate and improve how we respond and communicate with the affected user community and stakeholders during outages and slowdowns of our systems. The project included a complete review and redesign of our internal response processes. All ITS staff members was trained on our new processes and tools were put in place to support a repeatable and streamlined response procedures. We have scheduled ongoing reviews to make sure we continually improve our procedures to help ensure we provide excellent ongoing support to our users with regards to IT incidents. For more information, click on Procedure.

Strategic Alignment: 
High Performance Mission-Driven Systems

ITS Strategy: 
(C) Proactively Build Capacity

Description & Benefits: 
Examine ITS organization and processes to enhance our capability to effectively respond to planned and unplanned incidents. Assess existing systems, in context with our processes and procedures, to structure and shape our response to such incidents and events.


  • Define changes in processes and procedures; plan implementation – Fall 2015 – Completed
  • Implement changes (phased) – TBD – Completed