IT Service Management

yellowcircle Status: Delayed

Last Update: January 4, 2018
Primary Contact: Bill Wrobleski (, Director, Technology Infrastructure

Strategic Alignment:
High Performance Mission-Driven System

ITS Strategy:
(G) Continuously Work to Improve ITS

Description & Benefits:
ITS will select and implement an Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) platform that it will use to plan, design, deliver and manage IT services. This tool will provide a wide range of capabilities including help desk ticketing, self-service ordering, automated billing, incident management, change management and other common IT-related activities.

This project will also include the redesign of several key ITS processes. Process redesign should allow ITS to streamline many of its workflows and provide more predictable and repeatable service levels to the institution. Once completed, the project should improve the overall experience of users of ITS services and save time and costs of providing these services.


  • RFP selection – November 2017 – Completed
  • Contract negotiation begins – January 2018
  • Implementation begins – February 2018
  • Implementation of preliminary functionality – Summer 2018

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