Kuali Financial System (KFS) Upgrade

Completed: July 2018
Primary Contact: Susan Inouye (susani@hawaii.edu), Director, Management Information Systems

Strategic Alignment: 
High Performance Mission-Driven System

ITS Strategy: 
(F) Deliver Value in Enterprise Systems

Description & Benefits: 
Implement major version upgrade (v4 to v6), including review and retrofitting of all required University of Hawaiʻi software modifications and interfaces. Reduce overall scope of customization during the upgrade process by incorporating feature enhancements in v6.


  • New KFS6 UC4 cloned & ready for upgrade – Completed
  • Multiple DB conversions in preparation for dry run – Completed
  • Go live plan – Completed
  • Dry run #2 – Completed
  • Complete bug fixes and changes – July 2018 – Completed
  • Complete deferred conversion work in conjunction with upgrade and FYE changes – July 2018 – Completed