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  • Exterior shades

    Exterior shades

    Exterior sun shading system which uses horizontal light shelves to provide high quality daylighting and reduce direct solar radiation and resulting cooling loads.
  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor Lighting

    Exterior canopy lighting that minimizes light trespass.
  • Water Conservation

    Water Conservation

    Pervious paving to allow rainwater to percolate into the ground below paved surfaces.
  • Water Pollutant Control

    Water Pollutant Control

    The bio-swale controls storm water runoff quantity and quality.
  • Xeriscape Gardens

    Xeriscape Gardens

    The fourth to sixth floors feature an outdoor lanai with green roofs. The xeriscape gardens minimize water usage.
  • Native Hawaiian Plants

    Native Hawaiian Plants

    The native Hawaiian plants are a part of the low maintenance landscape surrounding the building.
  • Energy Awareness

    Energy Awareness

    Energy submetering and building to provide energy consumption information and facilitate changes in occupant behavior that will save energy.
  • Efficient water-cooled equipment racks

    Efficient water-cooled equipment racks

    State-of-the-art energy efficient water-cooled equipment racks in the data center.
  • Alternative Transportation

    Alternative Transportation

    The bicycle racks are to encourage using alternative transportation, including public transit.
  • Alternative Transportation

    Alternative Transportation

    Bicycle storage and changing rooms are provided for building occupants.
  • Outdoor Views

    Outdoor Views

    Views to the outdoors for over 90% of all regularly occupied spaces.
  • Indoor Lighting

    Indoor Lighting

    Daylighting deep into the floor spaces via large expanses of exterior and interior glazing.

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