Recovery and Resiliency

Status: Completed

Last Update: April 3, 2017
Primary Contact: Bill Wrobleski (, Director, Technology Infrastructure

Strategic Alignment: 
21st Century Facilities

ITS Strategy: 
(F) Deliver Value in Enterprise Systems

Description & Benefits: 
It’s critical that UH is able to quickly and seamlessly recover its key enterprise systems in the case of a major disaster. This project is designed to enhance UH’s existing disaster recovery capability by doing several key things:

1) Build redundancy into our authentication infrastructure by leveraging cloud services. This change will allow UH cloud-based systems such as GMail to be available to users even if a major disaster occurs at the University’s data center on the Manoa campus.

2) Document and Test recovery plans for our key enterprise systems. ITS has the infrastructure and basic plans in place for recovering UH enterprise systems, but these plans need to be more fully documented and tested. This project will put our plans through the paces to make sure we are able to recover our systems.  Last year we tested recovery of KFS, and this year we’ll focus on testing recovery for Banner, Laulima and one more application (TBD).

3) Investigate off-island providers for disaster recovery services.  Today, ITS’ recovery model leverages commercial cloud services that reside on Oahu. During this project we will investigate how to reduce costs and improve our capabilities by leveraging mainland-based cloud services for recovery.


  • Complete recovery testing of Final App ( TBD)  – November 2016
  • Complete recovery testing of Banner – February 2016
  • Complete recovery testing of Laulima  – June 2016
  • Implementation of CAS/Shibboleth on Amazon Web Services  – March 2017