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Information Technology Services

University of Hawaii System

VMWare Hosted Solutions

About this Service
A “virtual server” (also known as a “virtual machine”) is a server that runs on shared physical equipment.  Usually, many virtual servers run on one physical server.  Since most physical servers are heavily underutilized, the use of virtual servers increases efficiency and decreases costs associated with computing.  “Server Virtualization” has proven so effective that it has become ubiquitous across all industries including higher education.

The ITS Virtual Server service allows departments and researchers to purchase a virtual server for as long as they need to do their work.  The size of the server can be changed over time to meet your changing needs.

Service Benefits
Customers of this service can expect these benefits:

  • Highly redundant components, reliable power and cooling will increase the uptime of your systems
  • New servers can be set-up within a few days so you no longer have to go through long procurement processes to get your equipment
  • You can grow or shrink your server over time which can ensure you don’t spend too much money by over-configuring your systems
  • If desired, your server can be backed-up to a second location protecting you from data loss even in the case of a major disaster
  • Efficient power and cooling reduces UH’s use of natural resources and overall expenses
  • The environmentally hardened IT Center Data Center can reduce the risk of your equipment being damaged or unavailable due to natural disasters
  • You save time and money but don’t lose any control. You continue to have full control of your system, but no longer have to worry about buying, installing, supporting or replacing hardware

Service Level Agreement
The Service Level Agreement for this service describes the service in more details.

Standard Virtual Server … $280 per server per year

  • 75 GB System Disk
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 1 CPU
  • Operating System (Red Hat Linux or Microsoft Windows Server)

Optional Off-site Backup … $0.30 per GB per year

Additional CPU … $170 per CPU per year

Additional Memory … $11 per GB per year

25GB of Additional Storage (High Performance SAS) … $20.00 per year

25GB Additional Storage (Economy SATA) … $2.00 per year

ITS will provide technical assistance on an ongoing basis for no fee.  If you require specialized assistance that goes beyond our standard service, you can contract for ITS staff time at the following rates:

$50 per hour … Normal work hours (Mon – Fri from 8am to 5pm, excludes holidays)

$100/Hour … All other times

To ask questions about this service or to start using this service, send email to

Q: Do you support other Linux distributions on your VM service?
A: We may be able to support other Linux distributions on our VM service.  Please inquire at

Q: Do you support MacOS on your VM service?
A: No.  Apple prohibits the use of MacOS in a VMWare environment.